Who was Henry G Green?? WW1 Engineers.

Henry G Green

H. G. Green 1Looking for Henry group photo – possibly back row on the right in white hat.

H. G. Green 1a

The above photos were sent to Dora Collis. Working out who Henry Green not an easy task. Henry signed his own photo. The group photo had the letter he sent Dora on the back. He was definitely connected to Flinders, there is a HC Green mentioned in the Frances historical notes.

One error uploaded on Discovering our ANZACS was Henry Green 15220 was picked up. Someone inadvertently transcribed   Henry Green joining August 1915 place of birth, Port Esperance WA however should read Port Esperance Tasmania. Its unlikely to be the Henry Green in the photos’s, although not impossible.

The Weekly Courier index gave up a photo of Reinforcement Engineers under command of Lieutenant Lakin- looking at the two group photos it seems two men from Henry’s photo above (middle row one from either end) could possibly be in the photo below. The taller guy on the right of Henry’s photo is possibly sitting in the front row second from the left. The shorter guy on the right of Henry’s photo is possibly standing in the same position in the formal photo.

Locating a Lieutenant Lakin proved difficult to boot as the several located joined later than when this photo was published.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.56.02 PM

HG Green KIA from Margaret Street Launceston – Christian name Harry as seen in number 8.

Post cards between family

Dollie 1a Dollie 1Post card from niece Clara ‘Dolly’ Holt (Diprose) to her Uncle Henry. I love Aunt Dolly’s intention in sending this particular card to her Uncle Henry……. Twickenham being the region where Henry’s parents (Wells and Collis families) were from…….. Fan Willett 1 Fan Willett 1aFan Willett 2aFan Willett 2 Fran Willett 3 Fran Willett 3a Fan Willett was Henry’s sister and married James Willett. Eliza 1 Eliza 1a Eliza 2 Eliza 2aEliza was Amy’s sister and Dora’s Aunt.

Surprise photos

The following photos are from my maternal grandmothers album. The photo of the boat was taken at Whitemark between 1944 /47. This photo didn’t mean anything until I showed Dad. He identified the boat as the Nellie, owned by Fred Collis. Cliff Everett purchased the Nellie at some point after Fred died and would have been the owner when taken. Eventually one of the Davey boys put a square stern on her. My grandfather or mother took this photo and 70 years later the photo is a valuable piece of family history for their daughters children on their paternal side.

This next photo was taken around 1932 at Triabunna. My beloved Nan ‘Tops’ is on the right. It was either she or my grandfather who took the photo of the ‘Nellie’ when posted to Flinders 1944 – 47 as the Whitemark Police officer.

Hazel on left unknonw girl and Tops on right with doll

The girl in the middle, was unknown, until last week. Mum recalled the girl was possibly a Fuglsang. A few phone calls and emails later, identified as June Fuglsang. Another random connection of the three women to FI.

More Collis and Wells photo’s from Hannah’s album

album01 01-03

1) London Palace of Art 10 Park St Sydney 1888-1892. 2) Mendelssohn and Co 80 Swanston St Melbourne ‘Queens Walk Studio’ 1889-1900 3

album02 04-06

Duval and Co 1883 and 1898.

album07 32-37

W Burrows operated out of Melbourne and Sydney Portrait Rooms, Launceston 1878-1895. Duvall & Co was 11 Quadrant, Launceston 1883-1890ish also with A.E. Burrows. There were many S Spurlings across the years Spurling the 2nd had Studios in Launceston St Johns St 1873-78 then Brisbane St 1878 -1900, Spurling Studio was 93 Brisbane St 1902 – 24 Spurling S the 3rd L’ton 1902 – 1941 at various locations.

album09 44-50 album10 51-57

58, 61 & 63 - Charles Wherrett senior 83 Elizabeth St 1872 - 1881 his son Charles Wherrett with various others at various locations in Hobart 1884 - 1897. W Burrows and Co was W.H. Burrrows at Wherretts; Melbourne & Sydney Portrait Rooms, Launceston 1878 -1895. Duval and Co with Burrows 1888 - 1900

58, 61 & 63 – Charles Wherrett senior 83 Elizabeth St 1872 – 1881 his son Charles Wherrett with various others at various locations in Hobart 1884 – 1897. W Burrows and Co was W.H. Burrrows at Wherretts; Melbourne & Sydney Portrait Rooms, Launceston 1878 -1895. Duval and Co with Burrows 1888 – 1900

George and Georges Federal Studio. Emberson and Son

More old photos: Henry and Amy Collis’ private family album….

6564 68697071Louis Konrad photographer 1896- 1905Nicholas Collam Photographer1896 -19007475

777879 80 82 858786 91 93 94 96

These photo’s expand on the first photo’s from the Collis album. Possibly a mix of family and friends after discovering No. 82 as family friends. The photo of EL ‘Lewis’ Maynard only recognised from a recent read of Frances Rhodes Photographic Record of Service Personnel, Furneaux Group – a link to theWeekly Courier 1917 of  E.L.  known as Lewis’ brother Royal in uniform (10) found by accident when looking at the wreck of the H.J.H., several island boys July_12__Insert_4 W.H. Shroder Studio circa around the 1880’sDuvall and Co started in April 1883 – third column about a few paragraphs from the bottom. Advertisement 1885 by Duval denying they had sold the business to Stephen Spurling last column about half way down. Still around in 1889 and with Burrows by 1893.  

Henry George and Amy Collis

IMG_5619Henry the third son of Henry and Hannah Collis – was born in 1866, his birth certificate states Albert Henry, perhaps a simple error by the informant or the Registrar – after all his mother wrote Henry George in the Bible. There is a story about how he discovered the error. If any of Henry’s family can help out here, please do…….

A few weeks ago I saw Henry for the first time in these photo’s, you can tell he and Fred were brothers. Henry Married Amy Rees,  residing at Sawyer’s Bay and then Settlement Point taking over the post office after James and Fan Willett relocated to Launceston around 1906/7. Henry and Amy eventually left the Island and settled permanently in Launceston.

IMG-1Henry Albert CollisIMG_0001-1


Julian (Bluey) Dean and Henry CollisAlbert (Henry) Collis and Lorna Willett (Albert) Henry Collis Albert (Henry) Collis at Bathurst St. house Jimmy Sheen and Henry Collis (Albert)

Lorna Willett, Ada (Dora) Collis, Shirley Willett and Amy ReesEliza Jane Rees sister to Amy

Henry Collis born 1826: Hurst, Berkshire

All that I knew about Great Great Grandparents Henry and Hannah before starting the family history was they were Emily’s parents. Henry was the first teacher to the Straits. They lived on Cape Barren before moving to Sawyer’s Bay. Their final resting place – Wybalenna.

The image below originates from Hannah’s photo album.

 ‘The Collis family, Hurst Berkshire’: – from experience, there may well be other family members with the same photo able to fill a few gaps – just maybe!

It’s possible there are other images to discover?

Collis Family, Hurst Berkshire

Fred’s eldest Granddaughters history (Emita Museum) indicated they lived in Sydney for a short time and where Clara Dora was born. Henry had family in Sydney this was confirmed with the letter from his brother Alfred. Henry had 6 siblings. If there are any corrections or stories (further images) please comment and this will capture your contribution.

Below are the children of George Collis (Hurst) and Elizabeth Chaplin (Wokingham)

George 1824 – 1873

Henry 1826 – 1895

Alfred George 1827 – 1905 and author of the letter in 1889

John 1829 – 1918

Elizabeth 1831 – I have seen two variations of death one around 1852 (Berlin) and another 1900 in Victoria.

Edmund Richard Collis 1833 – 1888, married Catherine Tupper- parents to 12?……. Catherine Ann, William Richard, Henry Orwell, Edwin Charles, Emily, Elizabeth Mary, Eliza Sarah, Eva, Minnie, Ada, Alice and Edith.

Emily 1836 – 1838

Henry’s family pedigree below:

Parents George Collis (DOB 1791 ) and Elizabeth Mary Chaplin

Grandparents Thomas Colis (DOB 1756) and Elizabeth Gilbert

Great grandparents Thomas Collis (DOB 1735) and Grace Drew

Great x 2 grandparents Edward Collis (DOB 1695) and Sarah Nash

Great x 3 grandparents William Collis (DOB 1653) and Anne Luttman

Great x 4 Richard Collis – wife unknown – 1600’s