Henry Collis born 1826: Hurst, Berkshire

All that I knew about Great Great Grandparents Henry and Hannah before starting the family history was they were Emily’s parents. Henry was the first teacher to the Straits. They lived on Cape Barren before moving to Sawyer’s Bay. Their final resting place – Wybalenna.

The image below originates from Hannah’s photo album.

 ‘The Collis family, Hurst Berkshire’: – from experience, there may well be other family members with the same photo able to fill a few gaps – just maybe!

It’s possible there are other images to discover?

Collis Family, Hurst Berkshire

Fred’s eldest Granddaughters history (Emita Museum) indicated they lived in Sydney for a short time and where Clara Dora was born. Henry had family in Sydney this was confirmed with the letter from his brother Alfred. Henry had 6 siblings. If there are any corrections or stories (further images) please comment and this will capture your contribution.

Below are the children of George Collis (Hurst) and Elizabeth Chaplin (Wokingham)

George 1824 – 1873

Henry 1826 – 1895

Alfred George 1827 – 1905 and author of the letter in 1889

John 1829 – 1918

Elizabeth 1831 – I have seen two variations of death one around 1852 (Berlin) and another 1900 in Victoria.

Edmund Richard Collis 1833 – 1888, married Catherine Tupper- parents to 12?……. Catherine Ann, William Richard, Henry Orwell, Edwin Charles, Emily, Elizabeth Mary, Eliza Sarah, Eva, Minnie, Ada, Alice and Edith.

Emily 1836 – 1838

Henry’s family pedigree below:

Parents George Collis (DOB 1791 ) and Elizabeth Mary Chaplin

Grandparents Thomas Colis (DOB 1756) and Elizabeth Gilbert

Great grandparents Thomas Collis (DOB 1735) and Grace Drew

Great x 2 grandparents Edward Collis (DOB 1695) and Sarah Nash

Great x 3 grandparents William Collis (DOB 1653) and Anne Luttman

Great x 4 Richard Collis – wife unknown – 1600’s

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