Clara Elizabeth ‘Dolly’ Robinson (Holt)

Tom and Dolly wedding Lily Briant album 001

Aunt Dolly was born on Long Island April 1983Tom and Dolly Diprose with Audrey. April would have been the in the middle of birding on Little Dog. Dolly was delivered by Mrs. a long time midwife in the Straits who had never lost a babe or mother.

Aunt Dolly married Tom Diprose and they lived at Clara’s Cottage on the Samphire, across the road from her brothers John and Berti.


Stories from grandchildren:

Tom: used to work with Harold John Holt, when Tom came to Flinders. Tom was born in 1910 so would have come to Flinders as a young chap after WWI. Harold John and Tom used to work out at the Patriarchs trapping wallaby and possums. They even worked at Tinkers Gut which is out the back of Cape Barren. Skins was a secure source of income in those days. In the early days they would peg and dry the skins out on the ground. The verbal history from the source also reiterates that Harold John was an excellent marksmen, this made an impression on young Tom – one time he shot a goose, a clean head shot as he often reminisced to his grandchildren.

Dolly: again this stage-coach story from another source – Jimmy Holt was driving the mail-coach, trouble with bushranger, had apparently left the head of one of his earlier victims on the side of the road, in turn spooked the horses – Jimmy’s interest in driving the mail-coach ended after that incident.

Dolly: the boys worked on one of the Sister Islands, they are employed to plough and sow with seed for the owner. We are unsure if it was her brothers or father and uncles as Jimmy Holt registered the birth for Tuck and King by letter from North Sister Island.

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