Henry and Hannah Collis

FHR_00116_1_wHannah and Henry Collis – their story

24 October 1850  – Henry 24 and Hannah 22 leave Plymouth aboard the Isabella Hercus .

11 December 1850 – Hannah’s mother Ann (Alder) dies aged 65.

1 March 1851 they arrive Canterbury, New Zealand. Henry’s occupation transcribed as agriculture labourer.

7 April 1852  departed Canterbury aboard ‘Fair Tasmanian’ arriving Hobart Town 30th April you can view the record on TAHO MB2/39/1/15  – click on image 072.

1852 July Louisa Mary Brent is born in Hobart. Hannah is 23. Henry’s occupation noted as Butcher

1853  Henry Collis has been appointed to Post Master of the Waterloo Point Post Office as per Examiner Article dated Thurs 23 June 1853.

Another article The Courier [Hobart] 9 Nov 1853

Bushrangers  creating havoc in the district & detained at Waterloo Point December 1855 – interesting read

Mail is transported via the ship Mimosa to Waterloo Point

1854 August Fanny Elizabeth is born at Great Swan Port (birth registered Spring Bay) Hannah is 25. Henry occupation – Butcher.

3 January 1855 Henry is one of the Juryman re: the Inquisition into the death of Swanport man James Miles.

23 February 1856…. The Courier Henry’s signed letter published along with the other members of the jury regarding the inquisition held 12 months prior, you can read this letter on page 8. There was local controversy regarding the local constabulary.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.45.56 PM

10 May 1856 – Hannah’s father Joseph Wells dies aged  70.

1856 May Alfred Brent is born Spring Bay. Hannah is 27 (Brint is incorrect spelling, Brent is correct a family name)

1857 Sept, toddler Alfred dies, from ‘water on brain’ aged 16 months. Hannah is 28.  Alfred was a sick child and would have been difficult for his young parents without family support.

13 January 1858  The Schooner ‘Boindee‘ from QLD calls into the East Coast of Tasmania – Mr and Mrs Collis and two children take passage on this ship arriving in Hobart on 15/1/1858.

18 January 1858 The ship ‘Thane of Fife leaves Hobart bound for Melbourne, on board  Mr and Mrs Collis and two children headed to the UK a few months after the death of Alfred, is this to go home to see family? I sense it may well be. Rock on TROVE for these last two articles!! found these 8/10/2013 a huge surprise.

1859 Alfred John was born in the UK Hannah is 30

1861 Emily Wells was born in UK  birth is registered at Bethnal Green. Hannah is 31

9 May 1863  the Collis family arrive in NSW aboard the Kembla.

March 1864 Clara Dora is born – in NSW Hannah is 34 – open the link and type in names and you will see the birth reg no.

31 July 1864  the Collis family arrive back to Tasmania aboard the Brig ‘Highlander’ from Sydney. Ref (TAHO MB2/89/1/29 image 330) Mr and Mrs Collis and 4 children, on the passenger list.

September 1864  – Hannah’s Application. She writes her place of birth Denham Buck England. Hannah writes she did her teachers training at Westminster UK and current address at the time of application: 23 Colllvile Street Battery Point.

19 November 1866  Albert Henry’ birth at Southport Hannah is 37 – it seems there was a mix up with his names, this happened from time to time by the informant or registrar.

July 1869  – Henry submits his ‘ Application to teach he writes he was staying with friends in Murray St Hobart at that time. He also states he has taught for 4 years at Ramsgate and has lived in the colony a period of 15 years which would be correct taking out the years back in the UK. Attached to the application is a letter date 11/6/1865 written by the Warden of Glamorgan it says ‘this is to testify that I have known Mr Henry Collis (now in Sydney) for ten years. Six of which he held the office of Post Master here and assisted Mrs Collis in the Management of the Public School. He was also employed by me for some time, and I can with confidence recommend him to anyone who may require his services as a very respectable and trustworthy man. Mr Collis arrived in this Colony an Immigrant from England. signed, A Graham, Warden of Glamorgan.’

1871 – the Education Board approach Henry to partake in an experiment which he accepts

Henry and Alfred go to Badger Island for six months until guaranteed a permanent position. Hannah resigns as Mistress in March 1872. She and the younger of the children travel to Bass Strait aboard the Light house supply barge ‘Seymour’.

March 1873 Rev Canon Marcus Blake Brownrigg visits the Furneaux Group – on page three, first column you can read the narrative about his visiting Henry and Hannah on Badger Island.

1874 daughter Louisa Mary marriage to William Pearsall

February 1876   Bishop Bromby visits the Collis family on Cape Barren.

February 1876  Narrative of the fifth mission visit to the island in Banks and Bass Strait – by Cannon Brownrigg preceding the arrival of Bishop Bromby. Collis’ mentioned a few paragraphs in on the 4th column.

May 1880  Fanny marriage James Willet at Chalmers Manse Launceston – her brother Fred Collis and Mary Ann Brown witness’.

9 February 1881  Narrative of the Ninth mission by Cannon Brownrigg to Flinders Island January 1881 –  visits the Collis family on Cape Barren. William Holt (Robinson) and his brother-in-law John Smith ensured the safety of Cannon Brownrigg, possibly they didn’t have as much ‘faith’ in the “Nautilus’ as Brownrigg, which came to pass. James Holt (Robinson) (William’s older brother) (Henry and Hannah’s soon to be son-in-law) also assisted Brownrigg, a matter of being in the right place at the right time. James and Emily were married on the 5th of February 4 days before this article was published. As James dropped Brownrigg at the heads he may have sailed back to Cape Barren picked up Emily then back to Launceston to be married by Brownrigg at St Johns Church, explaining my Grandparents Horace and Maud’s affinity with St Johns. I wonder how many other relatives and friends from Cape Barren travelled with them to Launceston. An interesting question??

October 1882  Clara marriage Daniel Wright in Hobart – her sister Louisa Pearsall is present as witness.

1883 This article tells us Henry (retired) and Hannah have moved from Cape Barren and taken over 10 000 acres on Flinders Island from Mr Gardener, Sawyer’s Bay and maybe Killiecrankie when you read the article. Sawyer’s Bay was their home until they died, the article gives perspective of the beauty of Sawyer’s Bay.

1883 – more written by H.S – in particular the story of the Haunted Hut – which I am positive is about Henry Collis as he was the only School Master in the Furneaux Group – the second teacher Ed Stephens (my other Great Great Grandfather) didn’t arrive until late 1889, the story is at the end of the article.

1889 – Henry’s younger brother Alfred George Collis from Burwood NSW visits Flinders Island.

1890 May – Clara Dora dies in Launceston aged 26.

1890 Dec Henry and Hannah’s granddaughter Fanny Willett (who lived close by) aged 6 months dies from convulsions. Fanny is buried beside her Grandparents at Wybalenna.

1891 Henry had his leg broken as you can read in this article.

1894 Bishop Montgomery visits the Furneaux. – read 2nd paragraph. Reference to Henry, Hannah and the Willett’s. When I talked to Dad about how the Bishop described having a merry time with the Collis’ he said Hannah was known as a real cackler, she had a great sense of humour and always laughing but she could be as serious as required – but mostly alway laughing –  verbal history from his father Horace. Horace was 5 when Hannah died.

1895 Henry’s registration of death. His grave is at Wybalenna. Examiner ……..Obituary

1895 Administration of Probate

30 October 1896  Hannah and other family members possibly travelled to Badger Corner to help Emily after the death of ‘King’. Emily devastated when her beloved 12-year-old Henry ‘King’ dies a few days after striking his head on a rock. This a terrible time for Em, her youngest child George Collis being only 8 weeks old.

April 1897 Henry Collis Marriage certificate to Amy Rees

September 1897 Edward John Collis is born, the first Collis grandson. The registration of birth above Edward John was Silas Mansell (whom I remember) – Jessie, his mother being the daughter of William and Ellen Robinson/Holt – therefore is Henry’s sister Emily’s niece.

1899 Hannah death notice and registration death and buried with Henry, Fanny (grand-daughter) Fred (son) at Wybalenna.

1900 – Hannah’s will administrations

Samphiredeb TROVE list for CollisIMG_5537



About Henry’s siblings – Edmund Collis listed on the Blacksmith registerNell Collis IMG_5866

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