James William ‘Tuck’ Robinson (Holt)

Tuck and Lizzie with two of their grandchildren pre 1944 as we know Lizzy died in 1944.

Lizzy was a brilliant seamstress. Third eldest sister Linda was married to Thomas Gunter the Lady Barron Store keeper.lizzy-and-tuck-with-grandchildren

Her eldest sister Ada married William Briant who was the eldest brother of Harry Briant and one of  Lizzy and Tuck’s neighbours.img_0037




Maurice and Brian




Uncle Tuck was born in 1884 – along with twin brother Henry Alfred ‘King‘ The registration of birth is by letter from North Sisters Island. I had wondered why he would be up North and I remember seeing somewhere that his brother William’s wife Ellen ? brother (from memory John) leased one of the Sisters. Dad also tells that Jimmy Holt worked for a while on the Sisters developing the land and made a few quid doing so, possibly in the shipping space.




Tuck aboard the Tassie with Theo Paynterscreen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-56-45-pmscreen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-54-21-pm







Uncle Tuck’sIMG_0073 wife Elizabeth (Nee Armitage) was a brilliant dressmaker.


Tuck and Lizzie’s eldest son (above) was Eric James Robinson – we all knew, and loved along with wife Auntie Edna.

George Robinson’s boats were the Patsy and the Janet.

3 thoughts on “James William ‘Tuck’ Robinson (Holt)

  1. Hi
    Great site and a lot of work has gone into it. Well done. My name is Duncan Robinson and I am Eric’s grandson (son of Donald Robinson). The photo above has brought a tear to my eye as that is how I remember grandfather Eric and if I am not mistake that it some of Edna’s handy work on the couch behind him.

    Do you know anything of Samuel Robinson before he arrived in VDL? Or Mary Dwyer? As far as I could find he was sentenced for 7 years is Chester but I haven’t had the chance to do any further research or look into Mary.



    • Hi Duncan,
      Thank you for your positive feedback, once I started and realised that I was so very lucky to have grown up amongst our history – it became important to share the photo’s and what we know as our oral history.
      Glad you like the photo of your grandpa, he was a lovely person. I used to spend a lot of time with Eric and Edna when I was small, loved them dearly, happy to see you liked the picture. I’m on Flinders ATM and have another great photo of Uncle Tuck as well.
      Not much at all about Samuel Robinson before coming to VDL, remains a mystery, found some info after he arrived and before he disappeared. I don’t believe him to be the father of James Holt Robinson. Mary or Elizabeth Dywer – while we have some knowledge of her in later years her early history also remains mysterious. Again I don’t believe she to be James Holt Robinson mother.
      I hope one day with the DNA testing available they will be able to isolate specific lines as this may help work out who is who.


  2. In 1958 I went in Tucks boat with the mail to Cape Barren Island. The people there were pleased to see us.
    Later they had a picnic and sports on one of the islands out from L a dy Barron. Tom Langley was the post master. My uncle was retired Lt Colonel Gilbert Manning Nicholl ex Royal Engineers his wife Peggy. I think the addaways had the store. Aboriginal people went birding during the season. My Dad lived at Memana later to move to coningham near snug. Dad died in 1988.
    Gilbert used to put muttonbirds in plastic bags with a recipe on the front to send to Europe.

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