A correction note

A correction has been noted for Mary and Samuel’s Wedding & William and Johns births. All three events were registered in Launceston. The Robinson’s were living in Georgetown across the time frame of these events.

The notes stating Launceston have been corrected to Georgetown.

Thank you to my recently found, wiser/experienced family member for their gentle guidance.

Thanks LH for facilitating our contact in the first instance.



Queens Orphan School 1859

Ok this is worth posting about the Queens Orphan School

January 1859

William and John Robinson were admitted to the Queens Orphan School – Mary’s address documented as 82 Collins St along with Mr Britann (is Henry Brittain Licensed Victualler of 82 Collins St). Trove article. The publican of the Commercial Inn, Collins St Hobart.

The document is in this link  (images 49 and 50) states William and John were baptised in Georgetown, a correction required as I had noted in earlier notes William and John were born in Launceston.

A John Smith registered John Robinson’s birth several months later in 7 July 1856. John Smith noted as a friend and address Georgetown.

James ? (friend) registered Williams birth 2 years before.

August 1859

Samuel and William Smith admitted to the Queens Orphan School, the sons of John Smith and Caroline Grant of Launceston.

John Smith – a Launceston resident & occupation – ‘cook and waiter’……. deserted by wife Caroline, ‘moved to Cressy to live with another man’.

John Smith and Mary Robinson found themselves deserted by their respective spouses.

It’s probable the Robinson and Smith children spent time together in the Orphanage.

The name John Smith caught my eye as it appeared nine rows down on the registration document of John Robinson – seems a random John Smith having children in the orphanage across the same time frame as the Robinson children.














Heart Of Oak – Launceston

OK………. another family connection to the Heart of Oak Lodge in Daniel Wright husband of Clara Dora Collis, stumbled upon while looking at Peter Arnold’s Great Grandmother Clara Dora – her death and funeral notice establishing connection to the Heart of Oak No 84 Lodge Launceston. I don’t think this will be the last Holt/Collis connection to come to light. I just happen to know the perfect Wright descendant who maybe able to help out with the questions I have on the UAOD Heart of Oak or at least point me in the right direction. A few photos found (a side effect of researching another unrelated piece of family history as is often the case) about the UAOD throughout Tasmania – purely to view the dress code.


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Elizabeth Mary Holt


This amazing photo has Elizabeth Holt seated second from the left, younger sister May seated on the floor. James Parkinson behind Elizabeth second from left.

Elizabeth Mary Holt: first child to John and Mary Ann Holt.

May Holt was John and Mary Ann’s eighth child and third daughter.

Elizabeth’s grandmother also Elizabeth/Meg had a busy 1878, with the birth of first grandson William in March.

Husband John died in July after a 12 month illness.

Elizabeth Mary was born in Launceston on Christmas Eve.

Elizabeth’s granddaughter generously shared this photo in the hope of discovering more – initially I thought may have been an engagement party.

Today I ran a quick check of ‘Holt’ across the current digitised articles of ‘The Daily Telegraph’…… lo and behold found this article to fill in the gaps of this photo – wow!!!

The Wakatipu Ball held 8 September 1902 at the Albert Hall – a quick glance to see if perhaps any mention of Highland uniforms and bingo!

A quick look at the Weekly Courier reveals two more photos


Further exploration of the Weekly Courier on the off-chance!!, almost missed it as photo’s started to blend with all the others!!


Elizabeth married James Parkinson in 1904

Wakatipu – a rock off Flinders is named Wakatipu, discovered a while back when looking into the Willett history.

Mr Holt named along with the crew in decorating the Albert Hall for the ball. Again the Telegraph(thanks GGF Ed) informs both John and James had connections to the SS Wakatipu – steamer trading between Sydney, Eden, Devonport and Launceston.

S_S__Wakatipu Elizabeth’s granddaughter has many stories she captured from her mother and grandmother about life in Launceston and their connection to Little Dog. A different lifestyle to those of us raised in the Straits – a wonderful insight to having visit Little Dog each year, based on economics of the times through the eyes of the Holt women.

 I’m looking forward to reading this history handed through Elizabeth, Dulcie as told by Jan.

Here is are photos of the Wakatipu after the colliding with the Eurimbla

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