David and Elizabeth Armitage: Launceston

The Armitage connection to Lady Barron!!

Dad’s comments to the history of the Armitage – ‘Tucks wife was one of the  Launceston ‘undertaker’ Armitage’s’!

I try not to get too involved with other family tree’s. There’s enough to do with our lot.

We all know that Dads (fathers side) Uncle Tuck married Lizzy Armitage. Last week  discovered Dad (mothers side) great-uncle William Briant married Lizzy’s elder sister Ada Armitage. So Lizzy was also a sister-in-law to Harry Briant’s eldest brother William.

A look at Ancestry putting together Lizzy’s and Ada’s family tree.

If we thought the Robinson/Holt family was huge, we can think again.

The Armitage family are also plentiful. Another FI connection. Thomas Gunter, Store keeper at Lady Barron also married another of Lizzy’s sister Linda.

Dad had no idea.

Lizzy had plenty of family connections around the Lady Barron district as it turns out. I don’t think Tuck and Lizzy’s descendants are aware of this information though.

This may also explain finding the cut out of Frank Gunter (in uniform WWI) in the Briant photo album, not only a family friend but loosely connected through uncle William Briant, whom I believe used his second name ‘James’ in lieu of William.

As it turns out I recently found this photo, on the back is written with ‘kindest regards to Horace 1919’. I suppose when Horace and Maud married they would’ve known both had Armitage relatives.
Weekly Courier cuttings pasted onto Pcard 001On back is kindest regards to Horace 1919

Clara Jane and children

This portrait was found in our Briant/Stephens papers a few weeks back.

When I first saw the photo I wondered who they were. Oct 1918 was on the back.

The woman did seem familiar!

The morning after finding the portrait I woke early with a thought, could this be Jessie Holt. A check to see if her eldest was a girl, & that didn’t fit, however Clara did….

Cross-referencing the children with the other photos, Una and Alfie in particular easy to pick!!

A beautiful casual portrait, Clara with her hair down, so different to the photos seen to date – to her family, I hope you enjoy.

No Name taken Oct 1918 001

Clara and Alf Briant: a family portrait

This portrait is a beautifully preserved piece of Briant/Holt/Robinson family history. Being able to return these treasures the best part of this family history journey.

 November 2015 revealed this early portrait on Flinders whilst sorting through the Stephens and Briant’s letters and photos.

Uncle Alf, Auntie Clara, Una and Alfie 001.jpg

Uncle Alf, Auntie Clara, Una and Alfie: on the back of this photo.