Fanny and James Willett

Fanny Willett and James Willett certificate of marriage 1880  Photo’s of the ‘Willett’s’

James and Fan Willett Family James Junior

Fan Willett

Willett James post master bass strait

Fan's handwriting on back of PostcardJames Willett Senior1891 Alice Lester Willett birth Georgetown

1890 Fanny Willett birth Launceston

1881 Hannah Clara Willett birth Hobart

1893 James Willett birth Georgetown – 1916 picture in the Weekly Courier go to April 20 insert 4 to see James picture, he joined the AIF Jan 5th 1916

1887 Louis Henry James Willett birth registered Launceston registered by his Aunt Clara Wright

1891 babe Fanny Willett registration of death

James Willet AIF record

James registered Mary Eden’s birth

James Willett and ‘The Dawn

Fanny Collis

Fred Collis and Fanny Nellie and Fanny Willett

Nellie Willett Lewis Willett 1

Maryann Willett sister to James Willett senior

9 thoughts on “Fanny and James Willett

  1. I love looking at all your photos
    what a fantastic job you have done …I was so surprised to find a photo of my
    great great grandmother Mary Ann Willett sister to James Willett
    is it possible to get a scanned copy it is so beautiful

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your kind comments. Glad you like the photos. There are, I’m sure, many more out there yet to be uncovered.
      I will see if I can chase up a copy for you. It really is a great photo of Mary Ann, whom I know nothing about, like who she married etc.
      Did you know about the Willetts on Flinders at all?

      • Hi Deb
        Mary Ann married Robert Jackson they worked on many of the lighthouses in the Kent’s Group
        James Willett who married Fanny also had other siblings
        John born / died 1859
        Margaret died aged 8 years 1861
        Ann born 1861 unknown
        Mary Ann married Robert Jackson
        James married Fanny Collis

  2. Hi Karen, can you tell us anymore about mary ann willett and where she came from ect ? What Heritage. Some family members have always said she was Aboriginal, but this does not look to be the case ?

  3. Hello Adam
    The Wittet children are not of aboriginal decent.
    Their parents were James Willet senior a convict from Stafford England and Anne Reardon also a convict from Clare Ireland.

  4. Hi Deb,
    I’m trying to find out any info on James Willett snr.
    He was my Great Great Grandfather.
    Hoping you can help please.
    Steve Willett

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