Tom Gunter

Tom Gunter store keeper at Lady Barron.

Gunter’s Bay is a little Bay named after Tom.

I think Tom was Warden 1908-9.

Tom married Linda Armitage.

Linda’s sister Elizabeth married Tuck Robinson, and they lived a short distance from Gunter’s Store along the Coast Road

A little further along from Tuck heading west up the Coast Road was Harry Briant, and his eldest brother William (aka James) married Linda’s youngest sister Ada.

To Lily Briant from Millie Gunter

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It seems they are connected to our Holloway cousins as well.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year to our family (the many new family connections made over the past three years)  and friends. Hopefully 2016 will bring to all health, happiness and peace.

Tonight with dinner I will raise my glass to our absent family and friends, I hope you will as well.

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Jimmy Holt October 1922

I have learnt on reading a letter penned by my great aunt Ettie Briant (Launceston) to her Grannie (Maria Jane Stephens: Una Cottage, on the Samphire) that Jimmy Holt had just had his second operation and considered in danger until ‘Monday’ and Ettie had intentions to visit him when allowed.

I wonder if this was the time he was incredibly sick after being scratched by his pet cat! Possibly.

Emily and James had a terrible 1922, Edith died in the August and James was at deaths door in November. I think James also signed for George’s victory medal that year as well, just checked, he signed for Georges memorial plaque or dead man’s penny on 19/10/1922, the victory medal arrived in 1923.

In another letter Ettie asks sister Elsie how Mr & Mrs Holt are – a letter to home asking about the next door neighbours is a good indicator of just how close the Holt’s, Briant and Stephens family were.