The family Prest! or Youl!

Prest and Youl connections

Catherine Y Prest? – who is she, how does she fit into the picture.

1888 – Valuation rolls state Catherine Y Prest owned 17 York St (East) properties. Of interest is that 37 York St was occupied by Elizabeth Youl Prest.

Elizabeth Prest owned only one property 37 Bathurst St occupied by Robert Johnson.

John Holt her son owned and occupied 45 Frederick St.

1898 – Valuation rolls state the Holt brothers own 16 York St (west) properties, 13 recorded as vacant and 3 occupied. They also owned 110 Bathurst St which was occupied. John Holt owned and occupied 74 & 76 Margaret St.

Thomas and Elizabeth were known as Prest and Youl, why and how remains a mystery. Finally finding Thomas’ Will and a few articles about Thos Youl, it appears Prest was his old name and Youl the latter one.

 Thomas Prest

Thomas Prest married Ellen Callingwood in 1859 (Launceston) There does not appear to be any record of children or Ellen’s divorce/death.

Thomas married Elizabeth Holt in 1879 and six years later in 1886 Thomas Prest is dead aged 75. Thos Prest/Youl WILL. The Will states Thomas was Prest and ‘now known as Youl’.

Thomas left money to what appeared on first reading, John Bukel and Jane Ann West wife of John West.

This 1875 newspaper article puts Thos Youl and Ann Jane Beckett together and a further look indicates Bukel is actually Becket. Thomas it seems had ongoing issues with the law from both sides as did Jane Ann Beckett.

Extract from the Examiner regarding Thos Youl at the 1882 council elections…… ‘By half-past five a large crowd, numbering some six or seven hundred persons, had assembled in front of the hall to hear the declaration of the result of the poll, and the tedium of the long wait was somewhat relieved by the manner in which Mr. Thos. Youl, who was apparently primed with beer and political excitement in about equal proportions, availed himself of his privilege as a free and independent elector to express his views upon municipal matters generally, and the result of this election in particular, Subsequent events, however, proved his “straight tips” to be no more reliable than those of other sporting prophets.

Other articles found referencing The Prest/Youl’s.

Ann Jane A’Beckett (widow) 56 died in 1881.

Effingham Prest

 Effingham Prest (Free) application to marry convict Mary Thompson (New Grove) 1836. Married in 1837 .

Mary Prest and E Prest, 2 children aboard the Shamrock to Melbourne 1852Mary died 1854 aged 44.

William Effingham born 1838 and died 1851 aged 12

Peter Henry born 1840 – unsure how it is know to Peter Henry as name not recorded??1881 Peter Prest (43) is admitted to the New Norfolk Hospital for the insane – brother – named as Effingham

Effingham Charles born 1844

Jessie born 1846

Female unnamed 1868

Effingham (51/farmer) remarried Catharine (33/widow) Pearse in 1856.

Is this the notorious Catherine Prest!! I think so. Effingham dies 1880 aged 75. 1869 Catharine Prest is charged with stealing from Effingham Prest – the plot thickens!!

There is no record of death for Catharine at this stage.

Meg Youl – a collector of names! (1)

Meg – a colourful character!!

Firstly…….Samuel Robinson – the oral history we have handed down is fairly grim. James was up front with his sons and used to say he was ‘no good’ and this was always strongly emphasised, still evident when Dad talks about Samuel. When the boys where very young they had a really rough life, really rough, and this can be seen by the time spent in the Orphanage. Between the three boys they had 37 children, Samuel was not a name afforded to any of their sons, whereas Elizabeth was used by the three sons for their daughters, clearly a statement!!

Secondly – How does James fit into the scheme if he was born in Hobart 1951 – an element of intrigue of our history!!

Thirdly – why did Mary Elizabeth Dwyer come to Launceston in the first place? What compelled this young woman of 23 to relocate the end of the earth in big old sailing ship as a free agent?? Did she follow a relative out here, maybe a convict parent or sibling, and is this where James fits in??

Imagine my surprise to see a picture of Meg in the William Robinson/Holt history folder at the Emita Museum when I visited two weeks ago.There is also a picture of John Holt her husband. I will revisit this when I go home in a few weeks………. rock on November.

Meg died in the house she rented from Catherine Prest at 37 York Street in Launceston – directly opposite my work place. 37 York St is now a private car park and I have for the past nine years walked past each day on my way to work. I often spare a thought for the times she must have also walked this same spot!