Herbert John ‘Bertie’ Robinson (Holt)

Great Uncle Bertie (Herbert John) was born in 1888Back of card Augustus card Berti Robinson post card the fourth child of James and Emily Robinson (Holt) He was possibly born on Cape Barren or Long Island in those days.

Uncle Bertie never married. He lived with younger brother John and sister-in-law Myrtle at Samphire Cottage.

Uncle Bertie had the bacterial infection known as Tetanus (Lockjaw) when a young man and this affected his health and Uncle Bertie suffered several chronic debilitating long-term health issues. Mum remembers Uncle Bertie quite well, she moved to Flinders in the early 60’s and as it happens lived just across the river from Samphire Cottage…… as registered nurse with plenty of ICU experience, helped care for him in his last days. He was a character who survived the odds, and loved by all his family and friends.

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