Road to Remembrance 2018 – more about Dan and George

Taken on 23 October 1916 at Seymour Camp Victoria a group of the 7th Reinforcement of the 4th Machine Gun company, back of PC states consist of mainly Tasmanians. George on the very left with Dan standing behind him,

Looking through Dan’s photos, postcards and letter collection revealed a few more pieces of their journey 1916 and 1917 to share. This brilliant old photo (to Maud) of the 7th Rft of the 4th Machine Gun Company with ‘mainly Tasmanian’ men was posted on October 23 1916 from the Seymour Military Camp, Victoria.


Dan posted two post cards to Maud from London dated May 15 1917 one was a photo of the new Admiralty Arch in London, Dan wrote ‘George and I walked under this coming from Hyde Park to Charring Cross’. The other card was another major landmark and again mentions George and I….Maud received both cards on Sept 10 1917..