A tribute to James Willett, Sapper 8th Company of Engineers

James was born on Flinders Island to James and Fanny [née Collis] in 1893. His family moved to Launceston when he was a child.

James enlisted to join the Australian Imperial Force in January 1916 at Ross with large group of other young men.

I found this photo of James hamming it up with his Tassie mates in New South Wales waiting to head to the Western Front, found by accident.

6712 Charles Phillip Bennett, born W.A. enlisted at Ross – Carpenter


6715 James Dominic Cannon, born Lefroy, enlisted at Ross, Labourer


6716 Joseph John Cannon, born Alberton Tas, enlisted at Ross, Bridge Builder


6723 Arthur John Hughes, born Lefroy, enlisted at Ross, Cabinet Maker


6726 Guy Horace Langley, born Blessington, enlisted at Ross, Telegraph Linesman


6740 Edward Norman Winstanley, born Launceston, enlisted at Ross, Plumber


6744 Barry Ralph Augusta Wright, born Macquarie Plains, enlisted at Ross, Miner


6745 James Willett, born Flinders Island, enlisted at Ross, Stonemason




George Collis Robinson

In memory of George born 20 August 1896 dying of wounds in Belgium 27 October 1917.

His memory lives on through his family, We Will Remember Them.

A wreath was laid in memory of George’s sacrifice a month ago at Menin Gate 27 September. The person who laid the wreath recited ‘The Ode of Remembrance’ For the Fallen, during the service at Menin Gate, then made the pilgrimage to place flowers on Georges grave at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery – very special & a lovely tribute to the great sacrifice made by George & that of his family & community so far away.

The wreath that was laid was also noticed by a stranger who took the time to read about George and make contact as can be seen in comments at the end of the post ‘George Collis Robinson [Holt]’ Indeed a great many continue to remember our dear George.

Lest We Forget

Alf and Clara Briant 1934

Extracts from Alf’s nephew Walter Briant 1934 diary. Gives a little insight into life on the island.

4th Sept 1934.’worked on Horace Robinsons car today, I mended the radiator and gave the engine a run. Barney Denholm and Merse, Dolly Diprose came to the garage today also the  W Robinson. Mrs Coster and Gracey came down tonight and spent the evening with us we had the wireless going. Elsie made uncle Alf a cake as he is not well. Ivy Cook has got bad shes at Tuck Robinson’s place Eric Robinson went for the sister in his car.’

6th Sept ‘I called and saw Uncle Alf in the bungalow he looked very ill, aunty was there too and Alfie. We also called at Uncles on the way back and Father and Horace saw him and he looked better. Elvie came back from the Corner today.’

13th Sept ‘Charlie Hill came tonight and told me to take Uncle Alf to the boat at White mark tomorrow.’

14th Sept ‘I went down to Lady Barron this morning and got Uncle Alf and Elvie and took them to white mark to catch the steamer.’

18th Oct ‘we heard the sad news of Fred Winfield dying with the flu, Horace brought the news.’

6th Dec ‘ I saw uncle Alf Briant today he looks very well but feels not to well’


Remembrance 2018

Amazing Service in Launceston this morning!

Lots of memories from last years trip to the Menin Gate, look forward to seeing this years  footage of Remembrance Day.

In the meantime will share this photo of the AIF Second Division called Three Cheers to the King. Those wonderful cheeky Aussie smiles for the camera, helmets and hats on the their guns, not unlike Poppies!

I wonder what they would make of our lives 100 years  on. Lest we forget.

The centre photo from No.1 ‘Australia in the Great War The Story Told in Picture’, purchased the set on eBay early this year.

AIF Second Division Three Cheers for the King is the caption noted for this photo

George and the Bowman brothers

Dan and F.S. Bowman with George C Robinson on the right.Dan on the left, his younger brother Frank (middle) and George with hand on his hip, what a fantastic photo! It was Dan who was initially with the Robinson Brothers and here is George with the Bowman Brothers in the UK. Frank joining the AIF in 1914 and by the time he had met up with Dan and George had served in Gallipoli 7th Btn, then onto the Western Front around Feb 1916 in the 2nd MGC.

Great photo to mark 101 years since his death.

More photos to share

While home a few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to look through a few old slides with cousin John.

Here they are to share – great photo of Uncle Tuck, his son and daughter in-law George and Gladys Robinson on their 25th wedding anniversary along with Aunt Dolly’s daughter Audrey.


The two taken on Woody when Robinson Bros were shipping sheep off shore – not the easiest job in the world. Uncle Dick is in the background with his arm in a sling.

The blue of the water in the photo is just magical!!

Road to Remembrance 2018 – more about Dan and George

Taken on 23 October 1916 at Seymour Camp Victoria a group of the 7th Reinforcement of the 4th Machine Gun company, back of PC states consist of mainly Tasmanians. George on the very left with Dan standing behind him,

Looking through Dan’s photos, postcards and letter collection revealed a few more pieces of their journey 1916 and 1917 to share. This brilliant old photo (to Maud) of the 7th Rft of the 4th Machine Gun Company with ‘mainly Tasmanian’ men was posted on October 23 1916 from the Seymour Military Camp, Victoria.


Dan posted two post cards to Maud from London dated May 15 1917 one was a photo of the new Admiralty Arch in London, Dan wrote ‘George and I walked under this coming from Hyde Park to Charring Cross’. The other card was another major landmark and again mentions George and I….Maud received both cards on Sept 10 1917..