Alf and Clara Briant 1934

Extracts from Alf’s nephew Walter Briant 1934 diary. Gives a little insight into life on the island.

4th Sept 1934.’worked on Horace Robinsons car today, I mended the radiator and gave the engine a run. Barney Denholm and Merse, Dolly Diprose came to the garage today also the  W Robinson. Mrs Coster and Gracey came down tonight and spent the evening with us we had the wireless going. Elsie made uncle Alf a cake as he is not well. Ivy Cook has got bad shes at Tuck Robinson’s place Eric Robinson went for the sister in his car.’

6th Sept ‘I called and saw Uncle Alf in the bungalow he looked very ill, aunty was there too and Alfie. We also called at Uncles on the way back and Father and Horace saw him and he looked better. Elvie came back from the Corner today.’

13th Sept ‘Charlie Hill came tonight and told me to take Uncle Alf to the boat at White mark tomorrow.’

14th Sept ‘I went down to Lady Barron this morning and got Uncle Alf and Elvie and took them to white mark to catch the steamer.’

18th Oct ‘we heard the sad news of Fred Winfield dying with the flu, Horace brought the news.’

6th Dec ‘ I saw uncle Alf Briant today he looks very well but feels not to well’


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