William Robinson (Holt) and Ellen Smith


William and Ellen’s Family

William Holt (Robinson) DOB: 1854 married Ellen Smith her parents were John Tasman Smith and Jane Janice Maynard from Cape Barren Island.

In 1925 William and Ellen celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary – and this article confirms brother James as elder brother not younger.

William 10/03/1878

Jane Elizabeth (Jessie) was born 18/5/1879 Birth of son in November 1895 Sydney registered by friend Maria Jane Stephens, Cape Barren.

James Thomas 02/08/1880 died aged 16 weeks

 Phillip Daniel (Boob) 28/08/1881

Louis Herbert (Fred) 18/12/1883 and Baptised 1884

Clara Jane 08/04/1886 IMG_5878



Albert James 21/05/1889IMG_5418IMG_5424



Charles Ernest born 26/10/1890. 

Frederick Louis baptised

Viola Louise 30/06/1894

Tasman Smith 25/06/1896

Claude Horace 26/12/1898

Archibald Baden Powell (Archie) 05/09/1903Archie Holt's headstone





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