Alfred Collis: Burwood NSW 1889

Alfred Collis; not our ‘Uncle’ Fred Collis of Sawyer’s Bay but his Fathers brother.

Great Great Grandfather Henry Collis (DOB 1826) had a younger brother, Alfred (DOB 1827) in Burwood NSW, occupation was Blacksmith. Henry and Hannah lived a short time in NSW (daughter Clara Dora born at Concorde) before returning to live in Hobart. Henry had two sisters and two brothers in NSW while its significant information – no real clues to further these connections: until now.

Am still pinching myself about the information picked up on the weekend. Being able to scan a letter written 26 May 1889, by Alfred Collis 62 to his brother Henry 63 on Flinders. Alfred had visited Henry on Flinders Island, the letter describes the return journey to NSW, interesting reading – Alfred mentions the following family names, James and Fan Willett’s also Dan Wright, it’s these bits and bobs giving a glimpse of a close family – and how the mainland families supported the Island families.

Dad’s been interested in using technology to store this type of information as a type of insurance.  Using this electronic diary allows linking of history information located without breaching copyrights………a great way to keep track, with ease of recall.

I have transcribed the letter as follows and scans of the original at the end of the post. Curious about the name ‘Eva’, who is Eva??

Dear Brother and Sister

We arrived in Launceston about ….. on Sunday and had to remain there to the Monday week following has the Corrina came into unload coal and we had to get a pass to Formby by rail has  the other boats did not take passengers and we were homeward bound on the 7th May and arrived on the 10th and they were all on the look out for us thinking we were never coming and I found two of my houses empty the tenants had left we found both Families all well and Henry wife about the same as when I left but the work in the Blacksmith shop is falling off very much and everything is very dull.

Just now we made enquiry about the skins at Goldbrough Mort and Co. and they would be very pleased to do business of you anytime you like to consign your skins to them and I have enclosed a list of his prices by auction. Tell Fred that the Canadian Doctors is charging 10 pound for advice his Aunt has seen Dr Flamich and he says he can cure him if he was on the spot as he treats the ear alone. Tell Mr J Willett we can send him a Glass if the price will suit him they run from 2.10.0 to 3.10.0. and they will guarantee a range of Ten Miles if he will let me know I will forward it on and I hope you and Fanny have received the things safe from Dan Wright. I remembered you kindly to the MacDonald Family and Mr Moore would like to see Mr C very much and Bill Ford is still about the same but Mr Neich is not expected to last long as he is very ill. I enclose you a photo of Ted Stone so you can see some of George’s work and I will send you the other photo next time.

I hope your sons will come up according to promise. I managed to get two Joeys home but my bird died at Dan’s.

I send you two papers The Bulletin and the Town and Country Journal so you can let John have them after has I promised to send him some and let me know if he got alright again.

I now conclude with Kind Love to all George and Family send their Kind Love also.

P.S. Eva has sent you a letter in regard to her own Family.

Aunt sends a kiss for Fan and Nell

I remain your Affectionate Brother Alfred Collis

Letter written by Alfred Collis who was Henry Collis Brother from NSWLetter written by Alfred 2Collis who was Henry Collis Brother from NSWLetter written by Alfred Collis who was Henry Collis Brother from NSW1 Wow he was keen with Joeys, I wonder what breed the bird was? Cape Barren Goose perhaps.
Niece Clara Dora’s husband was Dan Wright, she died the following May aged 26.
Niece Fan’s husband was James Willett. Nell would have been their daughter.

Nephews Fred 30 and Henry 25 would have been the ones he hoped to have visit in NSW. I wonder if they did.

More Collis/Robinson History

IMG_0048 Yesterday I met a long-lost relative from the Collis side of the family – whilst here in Victoria a wonderful opportunity to meet her. We had a lovely lunch – a little later than planned due to my seriously getting lost – oh my what a headache!! When we met she seemed familiar!! We had a great afternoon talking family history filling in more history gaps also scanning photo’s.

Fred met Nell when she was working on one of the Sister Islands – she was 19 and Fred 46. The oral history is she put her age up and Fred brought his down, to cut the age gap when they married.

Nell Collis remarried twice after beloved husband Fred passed away from cancer –  she married second husband (Denholm), a heavy drinker and they lived in Hobart and after his death Nell married Richard Batten (wife Bessie died in 1946). Dad remembers visiting them with his parents – she was a lovely person with a good sense of humour,  Dad said she had to contend with his father Horace’s teasing………..which he was well-known for.


Fred Collis home SB


Fred scratched on cave wall









View post fire Trousers Point turnoff in foregroundThis last picture  taken after a major fire – once I was able to enlarge, taken possibly a little below where the latest wind turbine, Nalinga.  The main road is gravel and the turn off to Trousers Point visible there are regular white lines beside the road,perhaps PMG poles.