Tom Gunter

Tom Gunter store keeper at Lady Barron.

Gunter’s Bay is a little Bay named after Tom.

I think Tom was Warden 1908-9.

Tom married Linda Armitage.

Linda’s sister Elizabeth married Tuck Robinson, and they lived a short distance from Gunter’s Store along the Coast Road

A little further along from Tuck heading west up the Coast Road was Harry Briant, and his eldest brother William (aka James) married Linda’s youngest sister Ada.

To Lily Briant from Millie Gunter

Weekly Courier cuttings pasted onto Pcard 001

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.23.20 PM


It seems they are connected to our Holloway cousins as well.

David and Elizabeth Armitage: Launceston

The Armitage connection to Lady Barron!!

Dad’s comments to the history of the Armitage – ‘Tucks wife was one of the  Launceston ‘undertaker’ Armitage’s’!

I try not to get too involved with other family tree’s. There’s enough to do with our lot.

We all know that Dads (fathers side) Uncle Tuck married Lizzy Armitage. Last week  discovered Dad (mothers side) great-uncle William Briant married Lizzy’s elder sister Ada Armitage. So Lizzy was also a sister-in-law to Harry Briant’s eldest brother William.

A look at Ancestry putting together Lizzy’s and Ada’s family tree.

If we thought the Robinson/Holt family was huge, we can think again.

The Armitage family are also plentiful. Another FI connection. Thomas Gunter, Store keeper at Lady Barron also married another of Lizzy’s sister Linda.

Dad had no idea.

Lizzy had plenty of family connections around the Lady Barron district as it turns out. I don’t think Tuck and Lizzy’s descendants are aware of this information though.

This may also explain finding the cut out of Frank Gunter (in uniform WWI) in the Briant photo album, not only a family friend but loosely connected through uncle William Briant, whom I believe used his second name ‘James’ in lieu of William.

As it turns out I recently found this photo, on the back is written with ‘kindest regards to Horace 1919’. I suppose when Horace and Maud married they would’ve known both had Armitage relatives.
Weekly Courier cuttings pasted onto Pcard 001On back is kindest regards to Horace 1919

Mental Diseases Hospital, New Norfolk – Women’s Division 1918.

Looking for  G Aunt Edie and  GG Aunt Mary Esther.

Another trip to the Hobart History Room mid 2014 to view the 1918 ward reports located on-line.

1918 significant as the only surviving ward book across the time frame the girls were there together – 1904 – 1922.

The ward book was typical for the era, enormous, heavy and well-bound for the system and purpose it served. Strangely it started in Jan and finished in Sept 1918.

January 1918 – first task, work out the acronyms associated with each ward. At the end of every night shift the charge nurse entered a brief report and head count (daily return of numbers) for the four wards.

For example on 5th May ……. LB 39 – R 63 – T 103 – MB 77…. Total 279 and 3 boys.

MB = Main Building  LB = Lodge. T ward housed the epilepsy patients based on names and number of fits recorded for each patient.

R ward recorded the drama’s of the 63 patients including the number of garments and windows destroyed on shift. At the end of each page the names/number of patients out of the hospital on excursions or attending church/concerts in the hospital also recorded. All names of those with visitors also recorded.

Jan to March, no entries of either girls evident. Only those patients acting out of the ‘ordinary’ were recorded. On my way out for a break from the reading, I commented to the historian I hadn’t seen their names, so with tongue in cheek commented that ‘my girls were going to have to play up’ for me to see them.

On returning from the break, April – nothing. Time was running out so a quick flick through to May and there they were, both names on the same page a line apart with E. Holt just above ME Stephens. Quite obvious!! Edie on T ward and Mary Esther MB ward. Edie had been physically unwell and Mary Esther with sleep disturbance and restlessness.

At least they weren’t on R ward, where the notes suggest frequent bouts of aggression, excitability, ‘noise’, frequent destroying of garments and windows, as the norm.

It turns out Edie only appeared 3 times in the book. Mary Esther appears often from May through to September due to her cycle of sleep disturbance and restlessness.

By June, Mary Esther had been relocated to T ward until the end of the reporting in September, the same ward as Edie, so here they were together, I wonder if they were aware of their mothers being good friends and neighbours………

Monthly individual records were also kept for every patient. A regular report (more like a useless note) was entered each month. The notes usually one liners and basically the same. ‘no mental improvement‘ or ‘the same‘. Still the effort was made.

Occasionally a different entry is noted, such as

5 June 1892….. Mary Esther: ‘is now in the new building’ 7 Sept 1892 ‘she continues to be quiet harmless and useful’ 22 Feb 1894 ‘continues to be industrious’ 27 Oct ‘continues to make herself industrious in the Ladies Cottage’.

19 Sept 1908…. Edie: ‘she is at times very noisy and excitable …….a person of acute mental excitement – 5 Nov ‘no mental improvement is quieter at present

Bless you both.

Prime Seal Island: lease for sale

Island Shed_Artboard 6 - Prime Seal

The crown leasehold on Prime Seal is for sale. The article also states 17 acres of land on Little Dog is for sale, on the south side and originally was James land.

In 1915 Great grandfather Harry Briant leased Prime Seal that he sold to Ab Hurst, the terms and conditions about the trapping relevant to generating income for those times.


I always thought the lease was something to do with the Robinson’s so to find it was the Briant’s surprising.

October 10 Insert 2

Launceston 1903

Looking up Brisbane Street toward Cataract Hill in 1903

Archie Holt was born in Sept 1903

Great Grandmother Adeline was hospitalised with complications of pregnancy in Dec 1903

Horse and carriage the mode of transport in this photo

Enlarge and be transported back in time!!


Those who love a cold ‘Boags’ a few snaps of how it was styled in 1903!


J & T Gunn in the early days


Launceston’s ‘Daily Telegraph’ and the Island News

The Daily Telegraph is part way through the digitization process on Trove – the Daily Telegraph was first published as a daily paper in 1883. The Daily Telegraph started as ‘The Telegraph‘ a small bi weekly paper in July 1881 and the proprietors of the paper were R Barnes, E. H. Mowbray and E. Stephens (Edward ‘Ed’ William Stephens)

The Stephens family transferred from Bangor School where Ed had taught for two years to Cape Barren as head teacher. They arrived at the end of 1889 and left after Ed resigned under difficult circumstances in 1896. Ed continued his association with Cape Barren as the Education department sought his son Charles to take over as teacher. Ed and Maria Jane would visit and stay with Charles and daughter in law Maggie as the couples three children, Edmund Hamilton, Adeline Marion and Emily Maud were all born on Cape Barren. Ed and Maria helped Maggie who had a difficult time after the birth of her third child. By 1904 Ed was the local J.P. for Cape Barren and South Flinders.

Ed lived at Samphire River from 1896 until his death in 1924 aged 84. Ed made frequent contributions to the local papers in Launceston about the activities happening in and around the south of Flinders. Several such newspaper articles signed  such as A. Prospector  or  A. Cadger…………were written by Ed. In particular A. Prospector ribs ‘James Holt not being a man of minerals’. There is another story to go along with this article by A. Prospector – for a later date.

The Island News was first published 60 years ago on 9 July 1954 and it was the 50 year issue where I learned my Grandparents Horace and Maud (Briant) were instrumental in getting the Island News off the ground. Grandmother Maud was born and grew up at Samphire, and granddaughter to Ed and Maria Jane.

Long Is.

We don’t have any family connections to Long Island other than close friendships as part of living a maritime lifestyle in the Straits.

I think Aunt Dolly Robinson was born on Long Island – possibly Emily had some of the other children there as well.

I found this photo (silver gelatine) in the Briant family album several months back – the same photo published in 1903, I had wondered what year it had been taken, it looks like one of the younger children’s writing.

It would be great to hear from others with a family association or connection to fill in the gaps. I know the Barrett family have long been associated and they ran a shop  there.


Little Green Island

Island Shed_Artboard 5 - Litttle GreenLittle Green Island, a short distance from Lady Barron – not to be confused with Big Green Island on the Western side of Flinders.

Little Green is roughly the same size as Little Dog.

Dad’s mothers side of the family ‘The Briant’s’ have a history with Little Green Island. I have no idea of the time frame, the old photo shows it was a large concern.


I have never set foot on Green Island. Dad has a few amusing stories about going across during the birding season as a teenager.


Receipt Copy 2

Maritime misadventures in the Straits.

pictorial of several well-known and dramatic wrecks in the Furneaux Group

17 March 1877 City of Foo Choo. Sailing from Newcastle and Sydney heading to Calcutta via Bass Strait when she ran aground on the East Coast of Flinders. All on board survived.

10 March 1912 The Fursund was fifty-nine days out from Buenos Aires when driven by a gale through the famous Pot Boil onto Vansittart Shoals. All that remains is a rusty skeleton of her former self.

8 August 1912 The G W Wolfe bound from Buenos Aires in ballast for Newcastle and wrecked on Prime Seal Island. The article states wrecked on Hummock Island which is Prime Seal. October 10 Insert 2




The 1920’s The  M.V. Linda struck a rock of Little Dog Island, which is just across from Big Dog Island……. where she was built by Henry Taylor 1887.

1 June 1930  The Joseph Sims. On her way from Melbourne to St.Helens when she grounded on the rocky islets south of Prime Seal Island. She was salvaged by the Holloway’s.

13 December 1938 The E.H. Purdon  beached at Sellers Point across from Babel Island.

Finding the Wolfe in the Weekly Courier was an eye opener I had no idea she was so big and the article describes the noise during the crash.

In the 1970’s our family went across to Prime Seal to look at what was left of the Wolfe, pre the RAAF coming in to airlift the remains of the anchor. Finding the article about how it all transpired and the seeing the size of the ship, I have decided the Wolfe was probably more spectacular than the Farsund.

1912: The world had the Titanic in April and Flinders………… the Farsund and Wolfe, also the opening of the Interstate Hotel.

One thing for sure is the Robinson/Holt and Briant ancestors would have visited the sites of the wrecks (apart from the Foo Choo – although the Holt lads were in the Straits so maybe) along with the rest of the lads from Cape Barren and Flinders. A shipwreck in the early days would have been big news and a crowd drawer as seen in the photo of the Wolfe. 

Maritime Museum of Tasmania


‘Uncle Fred Collis’ diary extracts: 1924 and 1925

Extracts from Uncle Fred’s diaries 1924 and 25, these are not complete but still of interest to those families as they recognise their connections. In 1924 Fred was 65, wife Ellen 40 son Alfred 13 Hannah 18. Saturday is no longer noted as ‘Day of Sabbath’

18 June Wednesday 1924 I and Son went to the snares and got nothing I was repairing the Cart finished the job

19 June We went to the snares got nothing I and son went over to Holloways looking for track Nell and Hannah went to Mrs Burtts and Barrys

20 June The Colliboi came to Whitemark we went to the snares got nothing carted a load of wood for Mr Allison Hannah went to Hammonds to go to a concert

21 June I was working at the Station in the morning Son went to Coopers to get meat went to the snares got one poss

22 June John Jackson and Frank came in we put the boat in the water Looking very dirty

23 June A very rough day too rough for outdoor work Charles Cooper called and asked me to go and repair the fence blowing a hard gale went to the boat three times

24 June Repaired a fence on the Settlement for C Cooper the horse broke down and broke the …… tree still very rough

25 June Still blowing very hard got a load of wood and carted it in cold and miserable Nell and Hannah went to Barrys

29 June Frank wife and family Keith and Stanley to get the boat ready for going to Prime Seal we took both boats to the Settlement Frank started and turned back Mr F Cooper called a busy day for passer bus

2 July put a half day in at the drain on Pickford Hill cut a load of wood felt tired

July Weather moderate I put the morning in at the Wireless we all attended a send off for Mr Dean enjoyable evening

July We got up late ….Branton came up….Adams Emma and George came also Hannah Emma left after dinner for Blue Rocks the others left later

July Son went to his snares I went to mine The Colliboi came to Emita I son and Nell went round and carted a load of goods for Mr Dean poor old Landon left to go into Hospital 

10 July working on the road all day

11 July too rough for outside work met John Jackson came with him gave him a chain and he took two horses to the Point

13  July Sunday Horace Holt came up Hannah went to the Blue Rocks A motor car passed Two men passed on horse back

20 July I and Nell went to  ….. Robinsons Hannah went to A Mortens Son went to L Hammonds

23 July Milked the cow the calf getting very quiet we all went to Whitemark I came home with Mr Jackson got home in good time

24 July Helped with the cow – then went to the snares for nothing Cut and carted a load of wood for Mr Allison. Keith Blyth  – H Bryant and Landon came in the evening lost no time today

3 August A cold day we had a good fire and stayed by it.  C Cooper passed with cattle.

August Hannah went to Barrys in coming home the horse Jill with her gave her a good fall

August Started down to Oswald Robinsons met him on the road went down again after dinner he fixed up the horses shoes for me we brought a load of wood and rails and bought a few short pieces of wood for the fire

September I and Nell went to Martens got the horse shod called at Whitemark went to both stores paid my rates got boy a coat Hear Mr Stephens was to be buried today a mild day

15 October A very dirty squally day Hannah milked the red heifer for the first time.

16 October I did not go outside felt to ill too rough

19 October We started to Blue Rocks met JT Robinson and wife we turned back and went to the Settlement jetty fishing only got one fish

21 October A dirty miserable day saw the Colliboi going down to Cape Barren she came up about three….. to mile island then turned around and went to Whitemark wind turned to South East

26 October Hannah and son went to Church at Blue Rocks I and Nell staid at Hammonds Tip came up in the morning

27 October Tip came up we started the sheep done a fair days work we started late

29 October Tip finished up the sheep we got a load of wood then I started to shear the lambs 

30 October  We took the cream can got a load of wood got the sheep in and finished shearing the Lambs Thirty Five all told

1 November Went to the wireless in the morning clearing prickly box do not feel too good

November  Nell and Hannah went to Mortens Robinsons and Hammonds Mrs Harley very ill

November  I and son took the cream to the ……. got a small load of wood and a pole I and Mrs Allison went down to see Mrs Harley saw Ralph called at Oswald Robinson then got home in good time

November  Put half a day in at the wireless then went on to Mr Coopers there was no cricket match I went over and got some meat

10 November Son and I took the cream can out for Mr Allison a load of wood got the sheep in picked out some wethers and left them in the paddock got my foot hurt can’t walk on it

11 November  my foot too sore to walk about had to lay up and rest 

12 November  my foot still bad to walk about The White Heifer very quiet the calf very noisy 

14 November  My foot still not too good for work we all went down in the Lorrie a rough dirty night

15 November  Put the morning in at the wireless saw a signal at Prime Seal the Colloboi went over 

19 November  I done very little the separator went bung on us throwed us all out 

20 November  Started out to Milligans got to Oswald Robinson heard the steamer was coming up we turned back and went round to the boat H Bryant came up and examined the separator and condemned it I wrote to Davidson and French for another and sent a cheque for five pound five

23 November Done nothing Hannah went to Church and then onto Baleys F Jackson brought his boat round May drives the horses down they had a cup of tea

24 November  Clearing the grass round home Nell took Hannah to the Doctor he ordered her to the hospital more trouble ahead I heard the steamer only left today for town I cut a load of wood

29 November  watching out for the Steamer got the sheep in ……..Landon came and took them to Emita also Nell and Hannah to the steamer to go to town I got home late

3 December Paid E Robinson 10 pounds for ……..

December I did not feel inclined for work up all night at Mrs Burtts social … send off  we milked the cows and done very little else walked to the station and got a telegram from Nell took the cream can out

December  Milked and separated then to the wireless Son and I went out to Mr Coopers …a picnic got some meat came home and milked Son done a good clean up

December Milked and separated Son went round to Mrs Burtts and called at Barry’s Mr Pike called and got the net and went onto Settlement fishing

December making a bale at the cow….pannell looking about for the axe clearing around the house for fire purposes Son went and looked at the boat

19 December Went to Emita waited for the Steamer  went to the picnic and carted Mrs Burtts things to the shed bid her farewell blowed hard

22 December Nell went to Emita to the store

21 December Son took the horse round to Les Bailey he put some old shoes on him and went down to Hammonds and Mortens got home in good time

23 December I and son went to Whitemark took son to the Doctor he pulled a tooth out went to J Blundstone paid him for goods also paid the Doctor fifteen shillings went and had dinner with Bert Miles paid J Blundstone a pound too much called at Mrs Robinsons and told him about it

Thursday XMAS DAY 25 a most beautiful day burning off some grass

26 December After milking we all went to Whitemark a rough miserable day The Sports went off alright got home in good time

29 December Oswald Robinson and G Withers passed a more mild day burning in the paddock went to Emita for Nells over coat called at Barrys M Barry and a young woman passed.

31 December repairng fences clearing off fire clearing round the pannel at boat harbour Mr G Hay came up to the beach Son took the cream can out to Pickford

1 January Thursday 1925 We attended the sports at little plane There was a great gathering the sports went off very well

6 January The Steamer arrived at Emita Hannah came home clearing round the fence going all day at something

8 January Repairing a fence on the lower block a very warm day Mr Balwin called Son went to the store he met Mr Brown in a car a large fire out at the back

January I put the morning in at the wireless cleaning up I and Son went over to Mr Stackhouse and got two bags of potatoes one Mr Allison and for ourselves paid for them called Mr Coopers got some meat a large fire on the Marshal Mr Mulligan went to the block

11 January Done nothing Nell Hannah and Son went to Church James Blyth came in

12 January Cleaning around the fence for a fire break

15 Frank Jackson wife and family C Bomford and Annie came in and repaired the boat for going to Prime Seal

17 January 1.9 2.5…..I put the morning in at the wireless We all went over to Mr Coopers  to a cricket match got back in good time and done the milking

17 January We all went down to G Hammonds Hannah and Son went to a Picnic a wharm day F Jackson came and took his boat away

20 January The Colliboi arrived we all went to Emita we got a bag of flour also heard very bad news H Bryant got burnt out a very sad loss for …… Keith Blyth came and took Allison out to look after the Telephone I was clearing in the afternoon Ralph Morten called he had a good fire

22 January Burning on the East hill we had a good fire Nell paid the insurance for the house

24 January Steamer left Emita for Town

25 January We saw the Steamer leaving Goose Island for Town Ralph Morten came in and burnt round Allisons too calm

26 January Mr Winfield came in and brought the Mare I paid him two pounds five he gave me five pound five for two young steers It has been a day of fires fires all round beating out fires at the piggery I hope please God it is stopped

27 January A day of fires all round it broke away and went over to the wireless and done some damage Dick Holt Mr Winfield Charley Cooper we had a burn we had a few showers in the night

28 January A strong gale from the west the atmosphere more clear don’t see any fires about Dick went out to Garretts

29 January Dick Holt left for home working about the paddocks trying to make a fire break

30 January Nell and Hannah went out to Jacksons

31 January Nell and family went to Coopers picnic

7 February Hannah went to Whitemark to a Cricket Match I Nell and Son went to Emita The Colloboi came and loaded stock and sheep and had a full compliment of passengers

February  We all started away in the cart I intended to have the horse shod Billy Morten could not do him so we went to Whitemark and got some things we wanted called at Hammonds looked like a Thunder storm so we made for home

14 February Worked on the wireless in the morning then we all went over to Cooper for a Cricket Match Emita won by a small margin

15 February I and Nell staid home Hannah & Son went to the Settlement for a picnic. There was a large number came up and had a picnic on our frontage Ritchie called early then went on down to the beach

20 February I and Son went down to Mortens and got the horse shod  called at Blundstones and got somethings and paid for called at the Mortens  and got some turnips one of the roughest nights I have heard for years 

22 February I and Nell went up to Mrs Winfields Hannah and Son went to Blue Rocks Hannah had the misfortune to get thrown from her horse

27 February I and Son set fire of Allisons it ran up the hill going all afternoon beating fires out. Hannah went to a Social

28 February I was working at the wireless in the morning We all went over to Coopers for a Cricket Match Emita won from Whitemark

1 March I took a walk up the hill where the fire had been We all started for Church the Ministers did not come up we went as far as Mr Coopers gate it came onto rain so we come home

March After milking and separating we all went to Whitemark to see a cricket match Emita and Ranger. Ranger won by one run got home in good time

March Nell and Hannah went to Church Horace and Jef Walker came up Mr Cooper passed late

12 March It rained all the morning Son went to Garretts I and Nell went to Badger Corner Called at Whitemark met Horace met Bert met Em close to the house took her back

13 March We left J Holts called at Bryants met Horace met McNab Called at Whitemark paid Dolly one shilling for her Mother on boots called at Hammonds got some tomatoes got home about three Morgan Bryant called

22 March I and Nell went to Church Mrs Neal came with us we went and spent the afternoon with Old John Jackson

25 March Cutting poasts for a fence and clearing the line at Daintys we had a good fire in the ferns

26 March Repairing the fence at the pigery sideline the fence got burned out in the creek  working at the Boundary fence at Daintys

27 March We finished the job about five we made a rough job of it Nell and Hannah went round to Mrs Huitfelds called at the store

29 March Hannah and Son went down to Hammonds  George came up Miss Harley very ill Ritchie ……came up and spent the best part of the day

30 March Son took the cream can out to Pickford we went over to the little island and got some birds I had a good fire on the frontage

31 March Nell and Hannah went down to Robinsons and …… Miss Harley not expected to live poor old Helen

5 April We done no work I Nell and son went down to see Aunty poor old soul very ill called at Mortens and got a bag of potatoes

April Ralph Morten passed left us four birds

April I and Nell went over to She Oak Point and got there about three

April I staid over at Mrs Blyths and went and paid Mrs Eden and G Boyes a visit

April I went to G Boyes got some Tomatoes Nell went with me I went back to Mrs Blyths left Nell there and came home got home in good time and met several people on the road

10 April GOOD FRIDAY  Hannah and Son went to Hammonds I burnt up a Dogwood broke the handle on my axe 

11 April EASTER SATURDAY  I put the morning in at the wireless got a load of wood for Mr Allison Mrs Blyth Keith and Nell came about four Mrs Blyth and Keith left for Jacksons Mr Shaw and wife passed both ways

12 April EASTER SUNDAY All hands went to Church I staid home The Websters Jeffersons and Mortens had a picnic

16 April We all went to Whitemark to see boys Cricket match we had a very enjoyable day

21 April Blowing from the North West raining all the afternoon I took the mail to the station called over and saw Landon his leg seemed better

26 April A rather rough day we all went to blue rocks we went by G Hammonds we saw poor old Aunty Hannah and son went to Church the Nurse went with them called at Ralphs and got his wedges Mr Cooper left his pony in the block

27 April The Bull gored Mr Coopers pony son went out to Barrys and rung Mr Cooper Charlie came up and we all done what we could we sawed the horns of the Bull I was very much worried about the horses J Garrett came down

28 April I got a load of wood for Allison I and son went to the ……… and got some lucerne for his little mare she is very bad tonight we done our best for the little mare Mr Cooper came up I ……….. his mare

29 April  A beautiful day the mare was very bad last night Son went out Barrys and got a bottle of  ….. and other things. The Nurse and Dora Hammond Mr Fred Cooper Charlie and Mrs Cooper and daughter called about the mare H Bryant and Mr Riddle…….

30 April I did not feel too well Rhumatics  The little mare was very bad thought she was going to die J Garrett brought his Graphaphone round Jackson brought his boat

1 May I went out for the cream can Took a ram to Woods and carted a load of goods from the Jetty Mrs Cooper Charlie and Charlie Winfield The little mare seems a little better Mr Jackson Frank and Charlie Bomford here yesterday

2 May Formented the mare twice Mr F Cooper and Charlie came up and looked at the Mare we went out to Coopers to see the boys cricket match Emita won Nell stopped home 

3 May Horse doctoring most of the day The Doctors Jefferson Biggs F Cooper boy and daughters and Charles Garrett came in the evening

4 May Mr Cooper and Charlie came and took cattle home they took the little Mare away 

8 May We all went down to Whitemark to hear a lecture and see pictures on the War by Mr Balwin

11 May I took the cream can out to the Pickford a very dirty looking day I could not get out in the morning Hannah went out to Barrys she rang up to see how Charlies pony was getting on glass falling rain I hope

12 May Hannah went to her music lessons

13 May Son took Ralphs wedges home and called at Hammonds hear that Miss Harley is a little better

15 May I went to the Station and got a Postal note and sent to Nellie Willett putting in poasts son went to Coopers Hannah went to Barrys Dolly was away at Whitemark The Colloboi left Whitemark for Launceston

22 May Son went out to Coopers and got some meat he went down to Hammonds and left some meat for Miss Harley Hanah went to music lessons

24 May Hannah and her mother went to Church Mr Reg Cooper and family passed Henry Bryant and Bob McNab and the two Miss Riddels passed …..Huitfeldts

29 May Filling in a hole at the gate We all went to Whitemark to a Bazaar we got home in good time we all had a good outing

30 May Heard that Miss Harley passed away

31 May Left home shortly after ten to attend Miss Harleys funeral got home at half past three a miserable day we did not get wet

2 June Made a gate and repaired the sheep yard The two Mackenzies and Charlie Cooper they came up and fixed up the Bull Boy went and paled F Jacksons boat out

3 June I and Nell went round and voted George Blyth called and staid all night 

4 June George Blyth left for home Mr and Mrs Brodie came up and staid all night they came and saw Mr Allison on business

5 June Mr and Mrs Brodie left for home

7 June Daphne Calved a dirty day

9 June Son got Daphne and calf in

12 June Went to the Station and sent a wire to Mrs Willett 

15 June Daisy calved we took the calf away and milked her

24 June Nell and Hannah went to Whitemark Walkers and Blundstones they got home late 

29 June Mr Cooper and McKenzie brought sheep up they called in

30 June Allison Charlie and Mckenzie called

1 July We all left home for different places Nell for Mrs Arthur Vireaux I for Mortens Hannah for Badger Corner Son for Hammonds I got my horse shoes removed Hannah got her pony shod called at the store Mr G Dargavelles very cold

5 July Charlie Jones Tambo and Morgan Bryant called Charlie took the sails of the boat

7 July Hannah came home from Badger Corner

14 July We all went and visited Mr and Mrs Jackson

26 July Nell Hannah went to Church they heard Mr Lyall was ill Mckenzie passed with cattle

31 July Nell Hannah and Son went to a concert at Whitemark

9 August Emma Hammond Ab Hurst Thos Williams called also Mr Dart 

15 August (Saturday) Worked at the Station Put an axe on the handle got a load of wood I am getting a cold

16  August Mr Fred Cooper and Charlie passed Done nothing Hannah and Son got Polly in with her calf Pansy calved on Wednesday night

17  August Digging in the garden I took the mail up to the Station a very heavy Thunderstorm for the time of year Hannah milked the cows for the first time

18  August Hannah brought Dolly calf up

23 August Worked all day for Mr King done a good day I gave him my account 

28 August I rode down to Mr Mortens got two new shoes on the front feet I got my cart Mr Morten made a good shiny job of it I paid him three pounds and fifteen shillings called at Blundtones store and got a few things and paid for them

2 September Put in some plants went to the wireless got the mail Nell and Hannah and Son went round to the Colloboi and got my Lucerne seeds Charlie Cooper called done the wheel of the cart

6 September We done nothing a cold miserable day Ritchie Bantic called in he had Mr Websters little boy with him Mr Webster and Jefferson passed in a Jinker  

7 September I Nell and Son went to Whitemark Mr King paid me for work done up to date  I paid my own rates also Mr Allison and Daintys I paid up all I owe to Blundstone I don’t owe anything at the White Mark now

9 September Ralph and Oswald passed with a load of Hay Truemans lorrie passed done a fair days work

11 September I finished plowing and harrowed part of it Jas and Em came up a nice mild day

12 September  (Sat) Put the morning in at the wireless J Holt and son came up to the wireless blowing a whole gale to rough to work

13  September Son went down to Hammonds Nell Em and Hannah went out to Jacksons  no one their came back and then went to Church

14 September Jas and Em left for home 

17 September Hannah got thrown from her horse Cooper car passed both ways

22 September  Clearing behind the teatree Son paid up for meat at Mr Coopers 2-1-10 and got a bit of pickled pork about five pounds 

23 September JT Robinson and the music agent came up and called put us off work for the afternoon

26 September We all went to Whitemark to see a football match a very great crowd

30 September I felt too ill for work

2 October   Son cut some wood and cleared part of the line he then went out to Coopers and got some meat I finished pulling out the onions done very little work today Nell Son and Hannah went to a Kickup.

3 October  I went to the wireless done very little else still got the cold also a bad cough

6 October I went to Whitemark got a pair of shears a tin of jam a tin of coffee called at Maynards Charlie Jones came down and got my shears Hannah went to practise

9 October I felt a little better put a few poasts in along the line we have had continual blows for two months

11 October Charlie Jones came down and got me to write a letter for him Charlie Cooper brought the onions Mr Allison came home C Robinson and his wife came with him

13 October  Still blowing stone Took Mr Allison things round to Daintys 

14 October  Nell Son and Hannah went round to Mr Allisons send off too cold for me Two Seaplanes going South    

16 October The Colloboi came up today and landed cattle and piano all the cargo under Whitemark cargo so did not land it

19 October I worked at the wireless in the morning two seaplanes going North    

20 October Made a late start shearing down about thirty Hannah and her mother went out to Coopers calling at Garretts and Barrys Charlie Jones shearing

21 October Shering all day the Colloboi came in Nell Son and Hannah went round to the boat and got a coil of barbed wire Mrs Garrett left very ill

28 October Helping Jones with his garden fence Hannah and son took both horses down and got them shod Nell staid at Mrs A Vireaux very wharm Dick came up

29 October I took the cream can out Dick Holt left for home

1 November Horace came up he took Hannah for a ride round to Barrys several picnickers passed a mild day      

2  November Bert Holt came up

3 November Jack and Bert carted a load of water mustered the sheep and dipped them mad a good job of it

8 November Done nothing all went to Church I staid home

9 November Bert left for home Hannah and Son put the Bull into the block turned out two cows

21 November Done my work at the wireless cutting ferns J Maynard called Hannah and Son went to a Cricket Match

22 November Nell Hannah and Son went to Church I went a got some Winkles A boat came into the Boat Harbour

23 November I took the cream can out then Nell and I went to Badger Corner

24 November I helped John mark some sheep for Town we went to Lady Barron and called at Lizzies……

25 November Started for home called at H Bryants and Johns then Whitemark

20 December  Several came in to make preparation for the school Picnic I took the cream can out the Lorrie passes early tomorrow

21 December The three Schools had their picnic  the greatest gathering that ever been at Sawyers Bay

22 December Painting the cart and doing odd jobs about the house and plenty more to do

24 December Going all morning I took a load of wood for Mrs Ayers and went out to Coopers and got a small piece of meat

25 December Friday XMAS DAY Blowing a gale done nothing

26 December Went to the station in the morning came round by the Settlement Mr Cooper called Charlie gave me a bull ring Son went to Coopers for meat

28 December We all went to the Whitemark Sports at Pats River a good gathering and a fine day and very god sports

30 December I went round the fence at the beach repaired the fence against the gate on both sides I went and cleared along the fence close to Dainty John and Myrtle came up  and staid all night