Robinson boating history


Dad’s not sure but thinks the picture in this link is either the ‘Seaplane’ owned by Robinson Bros or the ‘Emily’ owned by Wally Robinson, ? taken down toward Tuck and Wally’s beach fronts.

Jimmy Holts 'Coogee' - John Ernest Robinson on the deckRobinson Bros on the Seaplane at Lady Barron wharf.

IMG_0050Receipt Copy 2Trip 376Reference: Collection: Furneaux Historical Research Association Inc.



Dick Davey senior built the Coogee at Apple Orchard on Cape Barren Island.

Tuck’s ‘Tassie

G Boyes and J Dean 1903

Grandfather Horace and his brothers were raised on the sea. Their father, Jimmy Holt and Uncle James Willett, Master Mariners. Uncles Billy and Johnny Holt and Fred Collis were as skilled as those Mariners with their papers.

The Badger Corner and Trousers Point Robinson/Holt’s brothers and their cousins also owned small sailing boats they had built for racing. This highly competitive sport between brothers and cousins were held in Adelaide Bay between Little Dog and Badger Corner/ Samphire. On many occasions the little sail boats would take off at a great speed and prove a challenge for the owners to retrieve. There are stories of catching the boats out near the Potboil.

The 1913 Electoral Roll gives perspective of the Island Population who could vote.

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