A tribute to James Willett, Sapper 8th Company of Engineers

James was born on Flinders Island to James and Fanny [née Collis] in 1893. His family moved to Launceston when he was a child.

James enlisted to join the Australian Imperial Force in January 1916 at Ross with large group of other young men.

I found this photo of James hamming it up with his Tassie mates in New South Wales waiting to head to the Western Front, found by accident.

6712 Charles Phillip Bennett, born W.A. enlisted at Ross – Carpenter


6715 James Dominic Cannon, born Lefroy, enlisted at Ross, Labourer


6716 Joseph John Cannon, born Alberton Tas, enlisted at Ross, Bridge Builder


6723 Arthur John Hughes, born Lefroy, enlisted at Ross, Cabinet Maker


6726 Guy Horace Langley, born Blessington, enlisted at Ross, Telegraph Linesman


6740 Edward Norman Winstanley, born Launceston, enlisted at Ross, Plumber


6744 Barry Ralph Augusta Wright, born Macquarie Plains, enlisted at Ross, Miner


6745 James Willett, born Flinders Island, enlisted at Ross, Stonemason




Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year to our family (the many new family connections made over the past three years)  and friends. Hopefully 2016 will bring to all health, happiness and peace.

Tonight with dinner I will raise my glass to our absent family and friends, I hope you will as well.

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