Clara Jane

Uncle Alf, Auntie Clara, Una and Alfie 001

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No Name taken Oct 1918 001

Cousin Alfie Briant 001

Clara Jane was born in Bass Strait her birth registered in Ringarooma 1886 and died in Launceston in 1940.

Clara Jane married Alfred Ernest Briant in 1903.

May 1904 Clara’s first child and son was stillborn, he was not named on the formal documents, his name remains a mystery.

Clara Jane and Alfred had four children, Una, Elvie, Alfred and Ruth. I am not sure who the children are…..

Clara Jane was the niece of my great-grandfather James Robinson/Holt and Alfred was the younger brother of my other great-grandfather, Henry Briant. Luckily for Clara’s family in our old albums are some fantastic new and never seen before photos of the this branch of the Briant family…publishing will take time and certainly worth the wait.

Another stunning old photo without names.Another mission to solve. I have a feeling the taller guy on the left maybe Alf Briant and perhaps his wife Clara in the middle (white dress) similar to the few photo's I have seen of Clara. I wonder if my Great Grandmother Adeline might be next to Alf - as for the rest…we wait patiently - all thoughts and comments welcome! IMG_5878

13 thoughts on “Clara Jane

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos and information. I was researching Clara, who was my great-grandmother via her son Alfred, my grandfather, before I had my daughter and had to shelve it for now. My mother will be delighted to see these photos. I’m not sure she will have ever seen them. Thank you.

    • Dear Holly, so glad you have found these brilliant pictures of Clara and Alf and their (your) family. They have stood the test of time and in all honesty shouldn’t have survived given where I found them amongst the Briant/Stephens belongings after about 20 years in storage. We are related twice through Clara Jane and Alfred. I wonder if your mother knows of Walter Briant? Deb

      • Hello Deb,
        It’s so wonderful they have survived! I asked my mother and she says she remembers Walter coming to stay with her parents, Flo and Alf, and remembers them staying with him once on a trip back to Flinders Island. Am I right in thinking they’d be second cousins? Reading through some of your posts about Island life brings back memories of the stories Alf used to tell of his life growing up, of going birding, having to eat possum at one time when things were lean, and there was a story about being dunking in the gurry by his Dad, Alf senior, I think. He always lived close to the ocean as far as I can remember, so I think the islands and the sea was always close to his heart.

      • Great to read what you recall from your grandpa…..the gurry story, oh my goodness what a stink that would have been!!Walter and your grandfather Alf were first cousins. I even found a photo of Ann Briant, mother to our great grandfathers which is just precious, her genes definitely passed onto my grandma Maud.

      • Hi I am the grandson of Alf and lucky to have two beautiful boys to carry on the Briant name any information you have could you please share with me love to get in contact

      • Hello and thanks for dropping a line we are related twice through Clara Jane (Robinson/Holt clan) and again on the Briant side. I hope you have seen Alf and Clara photos on this site and you can if you like go to FB and join Flinders Island old diaries and photos as I’m currently transcribing my great uncles diaries and there are a few entries about his uncle Alf and aunt Clara. Now to put you in context are you Alf’s descendent?

      • Yes I am Alf grandson have two boys now to carry the Briant name what is your contact details and love to lot more about my family heard stories about Walter and Flinders Island from my Dad and Pop when they was over there I have an old pipe that Walter gave to my dad and would love to in the future go to Flinders Island go mutton birding fishing and learn about my family

      • I have an old pipe that was given to my Dad when he was over Flinders Island given to by Walter

  2. Hi Deb, this is great information, my great great grandmother is Clara Jane and her daughter Una Briant is my great grandmother, who had my grandfather Stanley Russell (born on Flinders Island 1932. Died in Melbourne 2016)

    • Hi Deb I am Rodney Briant knew Una very well she was the most lovely person you could ever meet and also Knew your grandfather well such a character have lots of good memories of him in Skipton still remember the toy log truck he bought me love that truck now I am a truck instructor

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