Another ‘wow’ photo

Clara Jane Holt with Alf Briant pic 001

This photo without names was found in November last year.

Again that sense of knowing I will be able to work out when the time is right at the back of my mind.

This is my interpretation!!

The women to the right of the man is most definitely Clara Jane Holt/Robinson. Clara is beside whom I believe is Alf Briant. Clara being my paternal grandfathers first cousin and Alf being my paternal grandmothers Uncle.

Is this a photo of their wedding day, or some other formal occasion. The hat is a little weird and there is either something going on with the hat or the tree. Does anyone have any  idea’s?

Alf and Clara married in August 1903, when Clara was 17, and Alf was 28. Clara’s elder sister Jessie was 24 and younger sister Viola only 9. It is highly probable Jessie is in this photo.

Below is the signature of Maria Jane Stephens in a letter to her daughter Adeline, Alf’s sister-in-law. The letter penned around 1907 when Maria Jane and Ed were residing in Launceston before they moved back to the Island to rejoin the community they so loved as seen by her post script.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.06.11 PM

Mrs Holt being Emily at Badger Corner.