Robinson and Others – the puzzle solved!! All faces have a name!


In August, picked Horace & George and a guess of John and Dick (L) of George was correct.

The woman right of John is Mrs Gunter and behind her is Mr Gunter. In front of Horace is Ada Cummings with Louie Holt in the white dress, the girl behind her (no hat) is Tot (Elizabeth) Bowman, behind Tot is Charlie Holt, Walter Holt, and Dolly Holt  white dress & hat. Robert ‘Bob’ Smith, Dan’s friend is in the middle the two men right at the back are Tasman Holt with Charlie Dyson out on the right. Tuck Holt/Robinson holding the billy & son Ronnie (4) on his lap, his wife Lizzie with son Eric (6). The Lady Barron School Picnic: 1916.

We blew into Flinders a few days ago and by this mean, arrived in a howling gale –  FI style of course! The flight a lot smoother than anticipated. These days the Metro is a short 25 minutes. The previous planes took almost 1 hour. I’ve had my fair share of rough trips, 25 minutes a breeze, sort of!

Yesterday in the Bowman history room found this photo of Robinson and others taken in 1916 by Dan Bowman… George & Horace correct! – today will take notes to name all. Dan was a fantastic at keeping records.

Do you recognise a family member in this photo?? if you do, please pass on with a comment.

Another photo from the last year – named Robinson and others…..

Robinson and others at a picnicI think (Back row) is Grandfather Horace then maybe George on his left (dark suits), maybe Dick on the left of whom I think is George and ? John on Dick’s left right at the front.

If George is in the picture then it is pre 1916.

The woman right in the front looks familiar as do some of the others !!!

Love to hear others ideas and thoughts.

This photo below is from Fred Collis’s album.