Jimmy Holt October 1922

I have learnt on reading a letter penned by my great aunt Ettie Briant (Launceston) to her Grannie (Maria Jane Stephens: Una Cottage, on the Samphire) that Jimmy Holt had just had his second operation and considered in danger until ‘Monday’ and Ettie had intentions to visit him when allowed.

I wonder if this was the time he was incredibly sick after being scratched by his pet cat! Possibly.

Emily and James had a terrible 1922, Edith died in the August and James was at deaths door in November. I think James also signed for George’s victory medal that year as well, just checked, he signed for Georges memorial plaque or dead man’s penny on 19/10/1922, the victory medal arrived in 1923.

In another letter Ettie asks sister Elsie how Mr & Mrs Holt are – a letter to home asking about the next door neighbours is a good indicator of just how close the Holt’s, Briant and Stephens family were.

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