Queens Orphan School 1859

Ok this is worth posting about the Queens Orphan School

January 1859

William and John Robinson were admitted to the Queens Orphan School – Mary’s address documented as 82 Collins St along with Mr Britann (is Henry Brittain Licensed Victualler of 82 Collins St). Trove article. The publican of the Commercial Inn, Collins St Hobart.

The document is in this link  (images 49 and 50) states William and John were baptised in Georgetown, a correction required as I had noted in earlier notes William and John were born in Launceston.

A John Smith registered John Robinson’s birth several months later in 7 July 1856. John Smith noted as a friend and address Georgetown.

James ? (friend) registered Williams birth 2 years before.

August 1859

Samuel and William Smith admitted to the Queens Orphan School, the sons of John Smith and Caroline Grant of Launceston.

John Smith – a Launceston resident & occupation – ‘cook and waiter’……. deserted by wife Caroline, ‘moved to Cressy to live with another man’.

John Smith and Mary Robinson found themselves deserted by their respective spouses.

It’s probable the Robinson and Smith children spent time together in the Orphanage.

The name John Smith caught my eye as it appeared nine rows down on the registration document of John Robinson – seems a random John Smith having children in the orphanage across the same time frame as the Robinson children.














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