More old photos: Henry and Amy Collis’ private family album….

6564 68697071Louis Konrad photographer 1896- 1905Nicholas Collam Photographer1896 -19007475

777879 80 82 858786 91 93 94 96

These photo’s expand on the first photo’s from the Collis album. Possibly a mix of family and friends after discovering No. 82 as family friends. The photo of EL ‘Lewis’ Maynard only recognised from a recent read of Frances Rhodes Photographic Record of Service Personnel, Furneaux Group – a link to theWeekly Courier 1917 of  E.L.  known as Lewis’ brother Royal in uniform (10) found by accident when looking at the wreck of the H.J.H., several island boys July_12__Insert_4 W.H. Shroder Studio circa around the 1880’sDuvall and Co started in April 1883 – third column about a few paragraphs from the bottom. Advertisement 1885 by Duval denying they had sold the business to Stephen Spurling last column about half way down. Still around in 1889 and with Burrows by 1893.  

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