Henry George and Amy Collis

IMG_5619Henry the third son of Henry and Hannah Collis – was born in 1866, his birth certificate states Albert Henry, perhaps a simple error by the informant or the Registrar – after all his mother wrote Henry George in the Bible. There is a story about how he discovered the error. If any of Henry’s family can help out here, please do…….

A few weeks ago I saw Henry for the first time in these photo’s, you can tell he and Fred were brothers. Henry Married Amy Rees,  residing at Sawyer’s Bay and then Settlement Point taking over the post office after James and Fan Willett relocated to Launceston around 1906/7. Henry and Amy eventually left the Island and settled permanently in Launceston.

IMG-1Henry Albert CollisIMG_0001-1


Julian (Bluey) Dean and Henry CollisAlbert (Henry) Collis and Lorna Willett (Albert) Henry Collis Albert (Henry) Collis at Bathurst St. house Jimmy Sheen and Henry Collis (Albert)

Lorna Willett, Ada (Dora) Collis, Shirley Willett and Amy ReesEliza Jane Rees sister to Amy

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