Introducing Hannah Collis’ family – Buckinghamshire, UK

The Wells family: Joseph and Ann (Alder)

These photos are from Hannah Collis’ (Nee Wells) family album handed down through son Henry’s family – we thankful for the opportunity to learn more about Hannah as her family history has alway been a mystery. Joseph Wells

Wells Family. Joseph Wells seated in centre, Hannah Wells seated far left

Hannah WellsWells Family, England

Not a great deal is known of Hannah’s family so these beautiful photos allow us to meet the Wells side of the family. The Collis Bible tells us Hannah’s mother was Ann (Alder) and 65 when she died on 11 December 1850, a few months after Henry and Hannah’s move to New Zealand. Her father Joseph died aged 70 on 10 May 1856……… 4 months before the birth of Alfred (1st) Brent.

Parents of Joseph Wells were Joseph Wells 1759-1830
                                            Hannah Haines 1752-1826
Ann Alder born 8 Oct. 1786 Parents John Alder and Mary Allen

Hannah had five siblings Mary Anne born 3 Sept. 1810 Denham, Buckinghamshire died 1904 she married Thomas Mann who is noted in the family Bible died aged 76 on 18 March 1887 John born 1812 Charlotte Ruth was born 4 June 1815 and died aged 76 on 6 January 1892 at High St Esher UK. Jane born 1817 died 1818 Hannah was born 1828 Emma born 1832 died 1834 Thomas Brent died aged 80 on 22 October 1855 – as written in the Bible, first-born Louisa and son Alfred (1st) had Brent as second names it seems Thomas was important to Henry and Hannah. The only other note I am able to find to Thomas is he along with Mary Wingfield were witness’ to the Marriage of George Collis and Elizabeth Chaplin. Looking over and considering this new information – it’s possible Hannah’ mother may also be in the photo if Hannah’s seated on the left – her mother died several months after she left for New Zealand and her father passed the year before returning in 1857.


Ayliffe Surbiton S.W. Photography Marsh Bros Photography

Bert Sharpe Burnham Bucks. (Photographer) who bought out Lombardi photographer in 1883

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