Dear Dora……

Island Shed_Artboard 8 - Dear Dora

Love this post card to Dora from her father Henry. The gentle words of a loving ‘dad’ to his young daughter……..

Henry Collis 1 Henry Collis 1a Anders Anders 1Anders ?Huitfeld.

Beat Huitfeld 1Beat HuitfeldBeat Huitfeld

Viola Holt 1a Viola Holt 1Viola Holt / Robinson

GD Gardener 2 GD Gardener 2aGD Gardner 1GD Gardner 1aGD Gardner

Maud Olding 1a Maud Olding 1Maud Olding

Geo L Blyth 1 Geo L BlythGeorge L Blyth

AHAH 1signed either AH or VH

Frances Isabell Olding 1902Frances Olding

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