Who was Henry G Green?? WW1 Engineers.

Henry G Green

H. G. Green 1Looking for Henry group photo – possibly back row on the right in white hat.

H. G. Green 1a

The above photos were sent to Dora Collis. Working out who Henry Green not an easy task. Henry signed his own photo. The group photo had the letter he sent Dora on the back. He was definitely connected to Flinders, there is a HC Green mentioned in the Frances historical notes.

One error uploaded on Discovering our ANZACS was Henry Green 15220 was picked up. Someone inadvertently transcribed   Henry Green joining August 1915 place of birth, Port Esperance WA however should read Port Esperance Tasmania. Its unlikely to be the Henry Green in the photos’s, although not impossible.

The Weekly Courier index gave up a photo of Reinforcement Engineers under command of Lieutenant Lakin- looking at the two group photos it seems two men from Henry’s photo above (middle row one from either end) could possibly be in the photo below. The taller guy on the right of Henry’s photo is possibly sitting in the front row second from the left. The shorter guy on the right of Henry’s photo is possibly standing in the same position in the formal photo.

Locating a Lieutenant Lakin proved difficult to boot as the several located joined later than when this photo was published.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.56.02 PM

HG Green KIA from Margaret Street Launceston – Christian name Harry as seen in number 8.

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