Victorian Naturalist 1893



Landing at Fotheringate Bay.

November 12th “We were informed that smooth water would soon be reached, and we began to feel much better in receipt of this intelligence. Passing Goose (with its lighthouse), Badger, and Chappell Island, we cast anchor off Green Island, where, through the kindness of Mr. Carstairs, a fellow passenger and whose boat was lying here, we were soon put ashore”……

November 13th “We soon had our luggage ashore, being assisted by Mr. Carstairs and his friends. Bidding goodbye to these kind people, we were not long in choosing our camping ground.”

The Victorian Naturalist Vol X page 168-69.

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A.J. Campbell back row on left



15 November on Strzelecki,“During our ascent we gathered several botanical specimens, Mr. Campbell finding on a rocky ledge, a fine clump of the orchid Dendrobium striolatum in full bloom.”



Taken at Camp, Fotheringate Bay, Strzelecki in background.



Big River south Flinders Island looking toward Cape Barren and in later years the home of William Holt junior son of Skipper William Holt. Big River is located near Holt’s Point.



This backwater is from the creek at Fotheringate Bay, not far from campsite. Apparently the mouth of the creek is not where it is today. In the 1950’s a local redirected the creek to where it now flows out to the bay. Rumour has it the Holt’s used to run their boats (raising centerboard) at high tide into the backwater for safe mooring.



Fishing at Fotheringate Bay on the west side of the rocks.



Fishing at Fotheringate Bay east side of the rocks.



The top of iconic Strzelecki – named after Count Strzelecki.


377703-largeThis is in all probability is around the Reddins Creek area where I think they stopped to drop off young Fred.



Photo was taken 18 November 1893 on Samphire Island

“Towards the end of the Sound we visited a reef of Samphire River finding several nests of the Pacific and a pretty rookery of Silver Gulls. Of the latter we took two pictures.” The Victorian Naturalist Vol X



Photo of Ed and Maria Jane Stephens with daughters Adeline seated and Maud Lemin. Ed and Maria Jane being the second government teachers to Cape Barren until 1896. Ed and Maria Jane’s youngest son Charles and wife Maggie took over the teaching post. Charles called on sister Maud to help when wife Maggie forced to take extended sick leave.


377759-mediumSandford (after Bishop Sandford) Bay on Cape Barren looking toward the home of Ed Stephens.



Taken 29 November 1893 off Curtis Island

“We soon headed for Melbourne, passing Pyramid Rock about 3 p.m., and Curtis Group about 6.30, taking photographs of each as we went along. Little did we think that delightful evening, when taking the picture of Curtis from her deck, that the Alert would so soon founder and go down, not far from the locality, leaving her gallant officers and crew struggling with the waves for dear life, and all save one finding a watery grave.”The Victorian Naturalist Vol X



The Alert by which the party travelled to and from Flinders 1893

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