Surprise photos

The following photos are from my maternal grandmothers album. The photo of the boat was taken at Whitemark between 1944 /47. This photo didn’t mean anything until I showed Dad. He identified the boat as the Nellie, owned by Fred Collis. Cliff Everett purchased the Nellie at some point after Fred died and would have been the owner when taken. Eventually one of the Davey boys put a square stern on her. My grandfather or mother took this photo and 70 years later the photo is a valuable piece of family history for their daughters children on their paternal side.

This next photo was taken around 1932 at Triabunna. My beloved Nan ‘Tops’ is on the right. It was either she or my grandfather who took the photo of the ‘Nellie’ when posted to Flinders 1944 – 47 as the Whitemark Police officer.

Hazel on left unknonw girl and Tops on right with doll

The girl in the middle, was unknown, until last week. Mum recalled the girl was possibly a Fuglsang. A few phone calls and emails later, identified as June Fuglsang. Another random connection of the three women to FI.

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  1. I read these articles with great interest, as my family have an extremely long and close relationship with not only Flinders Island, but many of the smaller islands, in and around the Furneaux group. I was particularly interested to read your article on the boat “Nellie”. today I have spent time with my 94yo father, Bill Barrett, and his younger twin brothers, Jim and Harry (90 yrs). Their parents, Sam and Nellie Barrett, lived on their farm along Butterfactory Road, Whitemark, Flinders Island, where their 4 sons, Bill, Jack, Jim and Harry were born and raised. Today the farm is owned by Jacks son Colin Barrett and his wife Ann. Sam and Nellie also leased Sth Pascoe Island to run more sheep. To farm Sth Pascoe, move stock , shear, crutch etc etc they bought the boat “Nellie” from the Robinsons, Badger Corner in 1934 or 1935. The “boys” speak of the many years of activities with their family on the “Nellie” to work Sth Pascoe Island, and to visit family and friends on other islands, and also assist with taking goods and cargo to some of these islands. they particularly spoke of regularly visiting the Robinsons of Green Island. My grandfather moored “Nellie” off Whitemark, close to their home and farm. We have many photos of “Nellie” with family on board. My grandfather, Sam Barrett, sold the boat “Nellie” to Cliff Everett of Cape Barren Island in the mid to late 1940’s , when he sold the lease of Sth Pascoe Island. The square stern was given to the “Nellie” following the sale to Mr Everett.
    This account is certainly differing to your article, however it is undoubtly vivid, in the memories of the three elderly Barrett brothers.

    • Hi Marniemax,
      Thank you so very much for passing on the details from your Dad and Uncles. Your information about the Nellie tells me that Horace and co probably had the Nellie at Badger Corner after Uncle Fred Collis died in 1939. The Nellie originally owned by Fred. Horace was Fred’s executor when he died and may explain the location until someone came along to buy her. I recall reading the Nellie was last seen moored at Babel, must have broken the mooring and drifted off never to be seen again…have you heard the same story and do you think it is this Nellie? I wonder if Bill remembers Fred?? That would be amazing if he did. I have met Fred’s grand daughter Faye, soon to be 80, she has slight recall of him, so if Bill is 94, he just might….
      Dad couldn’t remember who owned Nellie between Fred and Cliff and now we know. Are you able to confirm the photo as the Nellie by chance.
      Thank you again – Deb

  2. Hi Deb, Thankyou for getting back. It is wonderful to have the almost complete story of the boat “Nellie” . My father Captain Bill Barrett, unfortunately does not remember Fred, however had heard about him from his parents, Nellie and Sam. The photo you have, is definitely the “Nellie” . Apparently, my grandfather, Sam Barrett had replaced the existing engine in the Nellie.Your articles are extremely interesting. I have tried, without success to find reference to yourself, and your maiden name, and where you are now living. It is so wonderful of you to share your memories, and complete your “family” jigsaw puzzle, by putting it out there, for all to be inspired and contribute. Thankyou, Maxine Barrett White

    • Thank-you for your kind words, my good family friend is Patricia (Pat), I’m sure she will fill you in, with a big grin no doubt, they lived in Eric and Edna’s house on the Coast Road. Mum and Dad are Joy and Peter…….
      Thank you for checking with Bill about Fred, I’m lucky I can ask him in this way. Its possible the Nellie was built by James Willett, post master at Settlement and Fred’s brother in law. Several pieces of James ship building gear is at the Emita Museum. Fred called the boat Nellie after his beloved wife Nell (Ellen May Dickinson), I wondered why Nellie… now I see Ellen in reverse. I checked with mum and yes Horace, John and Dick (Robinson Bros) did own Nellie and sold to Sam, its strange trying to thread together after so many years. My sequence of events was Jimmy Holt owned the Elizabeth & Coogee. His sons the Coogee & Seaplane….Learning of the Waratah between Elizabeth and Coogee, interesting, Dad had no clue of the Waratah. Dad knew the Elizabeth was a Ketch and when I found Jimmy wrote she was a cutter when sitting his Masters ticket (1875), we agreed to disagree until I found reference in Garry Richardson’s book Sail and Steam the Elizabeth was extended 12 ft and rerigged as a ketch (at WC Neil’s) in 1876, puzzle solved. Learning of the Nellie between the Coogee and Seaplane and your family connection a delight! Deb Robinson

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