The Island Constabulary 1944 to 1947

How did James and Emily Robinson/Holt end up connected to the police officers of this era??

This story starts at the Tasmanian Police Academy in 1936 – Kenneth Charles Johnson from Oatland’s and Lou Bailey from the North East, join the Tasmanian Police Force around the start of WWII.

Lou and Ken were both married and had young children. Lou and Ken boarded together at a private home in Hobart while they did their Police training.

At the end of training Ken and Lou were transferred to their respective postings. Ken’s postings were Hobart, Hythe (Southport), Cygnet, Whitemark, Cygnet. Launceston would be Ken’s last transfer in 1950.

Lou’s postings were Hobart and Lady Barron.

In 1944 Ken (Senior Constable) was transferred to Whitemark where Lou was based at Lady Barron.

Water policing an important aspect of working in the Straits.

The WWII period also played a large part in policing during this time to make sure the community followed the restrictions enforced across Australia. There were many times they had to investigate possible enemy sightings.

The men work together until Ken was re posted back to Cygnet – his previous post.

Ken was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Launceston where he became head of Traffic. Ken died a few months before his 50th birthday on 18 February 1961.

Lou continued working on Flinders until his retirement. Open this link and go to page 98 re his part in taking a party around the islands.

Lou and Mary Bailey’s only child and son married the daughter of George & Gladys Robinson. George being the son of Tuck and grandson of James and Emily.

Ken’s daughter married the only child and son of Horace and Maud Robinson & and explains how James and Emily’s family are forever connected to the local constabulary on Flinders from 1944  to 1947.

The Bailey and Robinson’s had seven children between them. These cousins grew up together and share a strong bond of friendship and a loved connection with this little piece of history.

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