Matriarch: Louisa Mary Brent Pearsall and her family!

Thank you Marie for these wonderful photos from Louisa and William Pearsal – a family treasure, thats for sure….

I can now identify William Pearsall in Hannah’s family photos from her album.

Maud with family

Number 63 is William Pearsall, so 58 we could safely say is one of he and Louisa’s children….

I am not so sure about their children – think it goes like this

Isabella Hannah (grandmother)1876

William Henry (grandfather) 1880

Florence Emily (Aunt) 1883

Maud Louisa  1887

Ella Charlotte (Great Aunt) 1891

Claris Clara (Aunt) Caroline 1893

Learning about our Collis Clan tells us that Louisa’s six children’s second names were from her Collis family, indicating a strong family connection.

58, 61 & 63 - Charles Wherrett senior 83 Elizabeth St 1872 - 1881 his son  Charles  Wherrett with various others at various locations in Hobart 1884 - 1897. W Burrows and Co was W.H. Burrrows at Wherretts; Melbourne & Sydney Portrait Rooms, Launceston 1878 -1895. Duval and Co with Burrows 1888 - 1900

Mauds father William Pearsall58, 61& 63

Charles Wherrett (senior) 83 Elizabeth St 1872 – 1881 his son Charles Wherrett with various others at various locations in Hobart 1884 – 1897.

W Burrows and Co was W.H. Burrrows at Wherretts; Melbourne & Sydney Portrait Rooms, Launceston 1878 -1895. Duval and Co was with Burrows 1888 – 1900

Surprise photos

The following photos are from my maternal grandmothers album. The photo of the boat was taken at Whitemark between 1944 /47. This photo didn’t mean anything until I showed Dad. He identified the boat as the Nellie, owned by Fred Collis. Cliff Everett purchased the Nellie at some point after Fred died and would have been the owner when taken. Eventually one of the Davey boys put a square stern on her. My grandfather or mother took this photo and 70 years later the photo is a valuable piece of family history for their daughters children on their paternal side.

This next photo was taken around 1932 at Triabunna. My beloved Nan ‘Tops’ is on the right. It was either she or my grandfather who took the photo of the ‘Nellie’ when posted to Flinders 1944 – 47 as the Whitemark Police officer.

Hazel on left unknonw girl and Tops on right with doll

The girl in the middle, was unknown, until last week. Mum recalled the girl was possibly a Fuglsang. A few phone calls and emails later, identified as June Fuglsang. Another random connection of the three women to FI.

82 Collins Street, Hobart 1858

Residents of Hobart 1867 – 1868 resident list states Henry Brittain is connected 82 Collins Street (Commercial Inn) Hobart. In 1859 Mary Robinson had to place William and John into the Queens Orphanage. The application form had the name Brittain stated as residence and this suggests the Commercial Inn Collins Street may have been where she was staying. Last week in Hobart, found 82 Collins St – not the same building……. Mind you Henry Brittain reads as being dodgy History shows Mary had  a pretty rough time in those years. A grand old style building dwarfed by the ghastly architecture of our ‘modern’ era! I wonder if there are photos of Collins St circa 1860’s in the archives somewhere……


ANZAC day 2015

The Claremont Memorial stands where the 40th Battalion was raised in 1916.

Mum’s Great Uncle Baizel Elliss died at Gallipoli 16 June 1915, his address at time of enlistment was Berriedale, near Claremont. Baizel’s elder sister Isabel Rust and her young family lived at Claremont.

Dad’s Uncle George Robinson/Holt died on the Western Front in 1917. George would spend several months camped at Claremont after enlistment.

View of hills behind Claremont Memorial 25-4-2015



After Claremont we travelled to the Cenotaph at the Queens Domain to participate in the Coo-ee March..





 Centenary of the ANZAC supported by record numbers throughout Tasmania, commemorating our men and women who served not only at Gallipoli but also in all wars since and those that are to this day, serving in peace keeping missions around the world.

Lest we Forget

The house that Jimmy built!


As always there had been a curiosity to the age of the Holt homestead at Badger Corner.

The information didn’t get handed down through the family.

Mr Riddle senior told dad he discovered a newspaper article  papered to the wall inside the home many years after moving in, maybe when doing some repairs. Mr Riddle remembered the Badger Corner and  Kangaroo Is. (built by the Harley’s) homes were built at the same time. Indeed they were as it turns out and the year was 1891 – the article eventually came to light after many dead end searches on Trove. The key words being Kangaroo and Holt. The house was started 2 years before Grandfather Horace was born.

Learning the timber was sourced from Table Cape by account of the correspondent a bonus. Jimmy’s boat around the early 1890’s was the Waratah.

The article also gives a good account of several other old families still associated with Flinders and in particular Mr Riddle…..

Mental Diseases Hospital, New Norfolk – Women’s Division 1918.

Looking for  G Aunt Edie and  GG Aunt Mary Esther.

Another trip to the Hobart History Room mid 2014 to view the 1918 ward reports located on-line.

1918 significant as the only surviving ward book across the time frame the girls were there together – 1904 – 1922.

The ward book was typical for the era, enormous, heavy and well-bound for the system and purpose it served. Strangely it started in Jan and finished in Sept 1918.

January 1918 – first task, work out the acronyms associated with each ward. At the end of every night shift the charge nurse entered a brief report and head count (daily return of numbers) for the four wards.

For example on 5th May ……. LB 39 – R 63 – T 103 – MB 77…. Total 279 and 3 boys.

MB = Main Building  LB = Lodge. T ward housed the epilepsy patients based on names and number of fits recorded for each patient.

R ward recorded the drama’s of the 63 patients including the number of garments and windows destroyed on shift. At the end of each page the names/number of patients out of the hospital on excursions or attending church/concerts in the hospital also recorded. All names of those with visitors also recorded.

Jan to March, no entries of either girls evident. Only those patients acting out of the ‘ordinary’ were recorded. On my way out for a break from the reading, I commented to the historian I hadn’t seen their names, so with tongue in cheek commented that ‘my girls were going to have to play up’ for me to see them.

On returning from the break, April – nothing. Time was running out so a quick flick through to May and there they were, both names on the same page a line apart with E. Holt just above ME Stephens. Quite obvious!! Edie on T ward and Mary Esther MB ward. Edie had been physically unwell and Mary Esther with sleep disturbance and restlessness.

At least they weren’t on R ward, where the notes suggest frequent bouts of aggression, excitability, ‘noise’, frequent destroying of garments and windows, as the norm.

It turns out Edie only appeared 3 times in the book. Mary Esther appears often from May through to September due to her cycle of sleep disturbance and restlessness.

By June, Mary Esther had been relocated to T ward until the end of the reporting in September, the same ward as Edie, so here they were together, I wonder if they were aware of their mothers being good friends and neighbours………

Monthly individual records were also kept for every patient. A regular report (more like a useless note) was entered each month. The notes usually one liners and basically the same. ‘no mental improvement‘ or ‘the same‘. Still the effort was made.

Occasionally a different entry is noted, such as

5 June 1892….. Mary Esther: ‘is now in the new building’ 7 Sept 1892 ‘she continues to be quiet harmless and useful’ 22 Feb 1894 ‘continues to be industrious’ 27 Oct ‘continues to make herself industrious in the Ladies Cottage’.

19 Sept 1908…. Edie: ‘she is at times very noisy and excitable …….a person of acute mental excitement – 5 Nov ‘no mental improvement is quieter at present

Bless you both.