Setting the record straight – Tindale

Tindales references to the older Robinson / Holt clan has 19 errors from the 20 entries relating to our Ancestors.

Amongst Tindales papers held at the QVMAG there is a letter dated 3/10/1967 – concerns the Island Community would again pursue a case of Libel against the author on republication. (and rightly so!) The person penning the letter appears to dwell on the legality of what constitutes ‘defamation’ the who and how’s of such a determination. The last paragraph implies ‘Tindales article does not appear to me to be defamatory to any particular person.’

There are ancestry tree’s showing Horace Robinson and Isabel Brown as being married and having 2 children. The curse of incorrect information readily available online and taken as being correct.

The Robinson / Holt errors and corrections follow. I may have errors myself, and apologise if this is so.

Error 1. ROBINSON (BROWN), ISABEL JESSIE, b. 11 July 1902,
still living in Launceston 1949.. 
f. Edwin Brown m. Grace Madeline
Maynard. marr. Horace Frederick Robinson.
[Correction 1: Isabel Brown was born in August 1902
further down the list you read Isabel married 
Horace Robinson. Based purely on dates then her first child
was born when she 8 years old, her second at 9. Baffling these 
'historians' didn't understand what they were recording.
Tindale confused Horace with first cousin Frederick Robinson/Holt 
and Isabel Brown confused with Isabel Maynard.

Error 2: HOLT, ARCHIBALD BADEN-POWELL, b. 5.Sept. 1902, d. as infant. 
f. William Robertson (Holt) m. Ellen Smith.
[Correction: Archie was born in 1903 and died in 1910 
after a tragic accident, he was 7 years old.]

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.49.13 AM
Error 3: HOLT, CHARLIE, b. 1894 approx., living 1939 
age 44 approx.,      
f. William Robertson (Holt) m. Ellen Smith.Error 
[Correction: Charles Ernest Robinson was born in 1890 ]
Error 4: HOLT, FREDERICK, b. 1901 approx., living 1939
still living 1949. f. William Robertson (Holt) 
m. Ellen Smith. marr. Isabel Maynard. 
[Correction: Frederick on registration of birth as Louis Herbert 1883 
his name was changed when Christened to Frederick Louis, he
married Isabel Maynard in 1905.]

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 1.32.44 PM

Error 5: HOLT, WILLIAM senior, before death known 
as Robinson and Robertson d.1902.
marr: Ellen Smith. 
[Correction: William died on Little Dog, 27 April 1929.
Robertson not a name he was ever known by.]
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.51.03 AM
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.57.46 AM

Error 6: HOLT, WILLIAM junior, b. 1896 approx., 
living 1939 
in Launceston 1949. f. William Robertson (Holt) 
m. Ellen Smith 
[William was born in 1878 and died in 1955.
His nick name was Buffalo Bill. 
Buffalo Beach down from his home at Big River would be 
named after him.]
Error 7: MANSELL (HOLT), JANE ELIZABETH,also called 
b. 18 May 1879, living 1939 age 59/8. 
f. William Robertson (i.e. Holt) m. Ellen Smith.
marr. Edward Mansell.
[Correction: Jessie was born in August 1879 and died 
in 1919 at Trouser Point.] 
Error 8: MANSELL (HOLT), PAULINE, b: 1899 approx., d. 1922 
f. William Robertson (Holt). m. Ellen Smith, 
marr. Archibald Douglas Mansell. 
[Correction William & Ellen didn't have a daughter by this name. 
Check said husband on list to find a different wife's name.]
Error 9: ROBERTSON, also called Robinson, male, b. 
10 March 1878, 
believed died as infant. 
f. William Robinson (also called Holt and Robertson), 
m. Ellen Smith
[Correction: William Junior was born in 1878 as in error  5
William and Ellen did have another child named
James Thomas in 1880 and he died as an infant
from whooping-cough either at Badger Corner or 
Badger Island.]
Error 10: ROBERTSON, also called Robinson, ALBERT JAMES, 
b. 21 May 1889, believed d. as infant.
f. William Robinson (Holt and Robertson),m. Ellen Smith
[Correction: Albert James
died in 1913 on LDI from influenza,
his grave is beside his first cousin 'King' Robinson at BC.
at the homestead of his Uncle James and Aunt Em.]IMG_5418
Error 11. ROBINSON, JOHN HAROLD, b. 13 Feb. 1893, 
living in 1911. 
f. William Robinson (Holt and Robertson), m. Ellen Smith.
[Correction: Harold John is how this should read, and was only 
ever addressed as Harold John.]

Error 12. ROBERTSON, also called Robinson, LOUIS HERBERT, 
b. 18 Dec. 1883, 
believed d. as infant. f. William Robinson 
(Holt and Robertson), m. Ellen Smith. 
[Correction: this is Frederick Louis and he didn't die as 
an infant…. he married Isabel Maynard as well as
changing his name.]
Error 13. ROBERTSON, also called Robinson, PHILIP DANIEL, 
b. 28 Oct.1881, believed d. as infant.
f. William Robinson (Holt and Robertson),m. Ellen Smith.
[Correction: whom ever put this information forth was not a local 
as Phillip or 'Boob' was a well
known identity on FI, he lived all
his life at Trousers Point, and is buried with his youngest
brother Archie at Carr Villa.]
Error 14. ROBINSON, HORACE FREDERICK, also called 
Frederick Lewis, 
b. 3 July 1894.f. James Robinson, m. Emily Wells. 
marr. Isabel Jessie Brown.
[Correction: Horace Frederick's first cousin was
Frederick Lewis and he married Isabel Maynard.
Tindale actually had Horace Frederick's personal
details right, except he had the wrong person.
Horace was known as Horace Holt as was 
Fred Holt (first cousin) for a fair portion of their lives. Their
fathers adopted Holt from their stepfather, eventually James 
family decided they should be Robinson's as per their 
birth certificates.]
Error 15. ROBINSON, TASMAN SMITH, b. 25 June 1897, living 1939 a
still living in Launceston 1949. 
f. William Robinson (Holt), m. Ellen Smith. 
[Correction: almost correct! Year of birth was 1896.]
Error 16. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, also called William Robinson and 
William Holt, see under all three names for family and under 
William Holt for particulars of this man. 
[Correction: Robertson was never in the mix of surnames, only 
Robinson and Holt. Holt being the name of Williams step father
John Holt. William was eight years old when his mother re married.]

Error 17. ROBINSON, also called Robertson, CLARA JANE, 
b. 8 April 1886, d. 1892 approx., age 6 months. 
f. William Robinson (Holt), m. Ellen Smith.
[Correction: Clara Jane didn't die in infancy, 
she lived until 1940, and married Alfred Briant.]
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.23.25 PM
Error 18. ROBINSON, EDNA MATILDA MAY, b.18 March 1910, 
no further information. 
f. Horace Frederick Robinson, m. Isabel Jessie Brown.
[Correction: Frederick Lewis Robinson and Isabel Maynard 
are correct parents.
Horace was only 16 in 1910.
According to Tindale, Isabel Jessie Brown 
had her first child was when she was 8 years old.]
Error 19. ROBINSON, PHYLLIS ALICIA ELLEN, b.; 25 July 1911, 
d. as adult.
f. Horace Frederick Robinson, m. Isabel Jessie Brown.
[Correction: Frederick Lewis Robinson and Isabel Maynard 
are correct parents. Not Isabel Jessie Brown who would have 
9 in 1911.]
Error 20. HOLT, also called Robertson, Robinson, (SMITH), ELLEN, 
also called Helen,
b. 1859 approx., d. 5 Sept. 1902, age 43 approx. , f. John Smith senior,
m. Jane Maynard. marr. William Robertson (Holt).
[Correction: Ellen died in 1936. She was never known as Helen, 
written in error on this birth registration.]

Setting the record straight, for Horace and Bell.

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