Hannah Collis’ friend Rosanna Domeney: circa late1860’s or early 1870’s


In Hannahs family album the above photo with the words Mrs Domney – Bercherche Bay noted on the back and somewhat difficult to read / decipher, we assume the B should be R.

We are confident the lady in this photo is Rosanna Domeney, wife of William and friend to Hannah and Henry Collis, during their time teaching at Ramsgate / Recherché Bay.

Hannah 37 had son Henry November 1866 and Rosanna 32 had daughter Violet in April 1867. Hannah possibly taught Rosanna’s older children until she left for Badger Island in 1872.

A little research on the Linc website regarding the name Domney – revealed Domeney as a well established family business at Ramsgate / Recherché Bay. Contact with a descendant through Ancestry revealed the Domeney family and history.

‘My great, great grandparents were William Lemuel and Rosanna DOMENEY. he owned a number of cutters and transported Huon pine from the south west to Hobart and on return trips dropped off supplies to Bruny Is and to Recherché. He also owned a numbers of inns, one being the Sawyers Arms and another the Ramsgate Inn. The remains of the latter are still there. There was an article printed in the newspaper of March 1869 by a conchologist, W Legrand, who sailed to Recherché on William’s cutter, the Ripple, and stayed at one of his inns while doing his survey of shells in the area. At that time he writes that Mrs DOMENEY was in Hobart having a baby so he didn’t get to meet her’

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