ANZAC day 2015

The Claremont Memorial stands where the 40th Battalion was raised in 1916.

Mum’s Great Uncle Baizel Elliss died at Gallipoli 16 June 1915, his address at time of enlistment was Berriedale, near Claremont. Baizel’s elder sister Isabel Rust and her young family lived at Claremont.

Dad’s Uncle George Robinson/Holt died on the Western Front in 1917. George would spend several months camped at Claremont after enlistment.

View of hills behind Claremont Memorial 25-4-2015



After Claremont we travelled to the Cenotaph at the Queens Domain to participate in the Coo-ee March..





 Centenary of the ANZAC supported by record numbers throughout Tasmania, commemorating our men and women who served not only at Gallipoli but also in all wars since and those that are to this day, serving in peace keeping missions around the world.

Lest we Forget

Who are we??

This photo was first seen in Walter and Doris’ album early October. What a surprise to see in the first album at the Bowman history room several weeks later – again no names.

The background suggests possibly one of the outer islands. A home on the edge of a rookery perhaps? Beautifully dressed. A hard life in a hard era, these women – to be admired.

Another stunning old photo without names.  Possibly the taller guy on the (L) is Alf Briant with wife Clara in the middle (white dress) similar to the few photo's I have seen of Clara.  I wonder if Great Grandmother Adeline next to Alf  her brother in law.


Walter and Doris Robinson’s photo album!

Early October I was lucky enough to look through Walter and Doris Robinson’s family album to share in the hope of being able to identify. Always an opportunity to reminisce for the older Robinson/Holt’s. Discovering the older photos adds a few more pieces to our photographic history, however most were without names. Most of photo’s were easy for Dorothy’s children to work out, leaving a handful  without names.

The following photos: no idea of who the child is.

These last few photo’s remain a complete mystery –  so we wait and see if they too may be solved in a way similar to Dulcie Parkinson.

Robinson and Others – the puzzle solved!! All faces have a name!


In August, picked Horace & George and a guess of John and Dick (L) of George was correct.

The woman right of John is Mrs Gunter and behind her is Mr Gunter. In front of Horace is Ada Cummings with Louie Holt in the white dress, the girl behind her (no hat) is Tot (Elizabeth) Bowman, behind Tot is Charlie Holt, Walter Holt, and Dolly Holt  white dress & hat. Robert ‘Bob’ Smith, Dan’s friend is in the middle the two men right at the back are Tasman Holt with Charlie Dyson out on the right. Tuck Holt/Robinson holding the billy & son Ronnie (4) on his lap, his wife Lizzie with son Eric (6). The Lady Barron School Picnic: 1916.

We blew into Flinders a few days ago and by this mean, arrived in a howling gale –  FI style of course! The flight a lot smoother than anticipated. These days the Metro is a short 25 minutes. The previous planes took almost 1 hour. I’ve had my fair share of rough trips, 25 minutes a breeze, sort of!

Yesterday in the Bowman history room found this photo of Robinson and others taken in 1916 by Dan Bowman… George & Horace correct! – today will take notes to name all. Dan was a fantastic at keeping records.

Do you recognise a family member in this photo?? if you do, please pass on with a comment.

Another photo from the last year – named Robinson and others…..

Robinson and others at a picnicI think (Back row) is Grandfather Horace then maybe George on his left (dark suits), maybe Dick on the left of whom I think is George and ? John on Dick’s left right at the front.

If George is in the picture then it is pre 1916.

The woman right in the front looks familiar as do some of the others !!!

Love to hear others ideas and thoughts.

This photo below is from Fred Collis’s album.


George and Billy Holt

Today the 26 October I thought I would do something a little different. Last year was done thinking it may be of interest to a few – just maybe. The past 6 months have been surreal as the descendants of our old families reconnect. The modern names, never before heard – older names somewhat vague, some with more information, others with photo’s – all waiting to be connected!! These connections… stunning – familiarities here and there, coincidence’s everywhere, pieces of the puzzle starting to make sense! So back to… George Holt and his first cousin Harold Holt both answered the call and joined the AIF and in doing so, take their place in our family history. Harold’s Grandson tells of another important family story that happened in WW2 WW2 William (Billy) Holt and his first cousin Patrick Holt answer the call in joining the army in WW2. They were in the same unit, unfortunately they were captured and became POW’s, toward the end of the war they were split up and Billy perished on the POW ship when destroyed in the South West Pacific. Both George and Billy were known as Holt’s at home on Flinders – that was their surname!! Billy was about 7 when George joined in 1916. What’s interesting is on joining they both had to use their birth names – George as Robinson and Billy as Garrett. How strange it must have been to have always been known as Holt and then on official work be called another… Bless you both!

The Island Constabulary 1944 to 1947

How did James and Emily Robinson/Holt end up connected to the police officers of this era??

This story starts at the Tasmanian Police Academy in 1936 – Kenneth Charles Johnson from Oatland’s and Lou Bailey from the North East, join the Tasmanian Police Force around the start of WWII.

Lou and Ken were both married and had young children. Lou and Ken boarded together at a private home in Hobart while they did their Police training.

At the end of training Ken and Lou were transferred to their respective postings. Ken’s postings were Hobart, Hythe (Southport), Cygnet, Whitemark, Cygnet. Launceston would be Ken’s last transfer in 1950.

Lou’s postings were Hobart and Lady Barron.

In 1944 Ken (Senior Constable) was transferred to Whitemark where Lou was based at Lady Barron.

Water policing an important aspect of working in the Straits.

The WWII period also played a large part in policing during this time to make sure the community followed the restrictions enforced across Australia. There were many times they had to investigate possible enemy sightings.

The men work together until Ken was re posted back to Cygnet – his previous post.

Ken was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Launceston where he became head of Traffic. Ken died a few months before his 50th birthday on 18 February 1961.

Lou continued working on Flinders until his retirement. Open this link and go to page 98 re his part in taking a party around the islands.

Lou and Mary Bailey’s only child and son married the daughter of George & Gladys Robinson. George being the son of Tuck and grandson of James and Emily.

Ken’s daughter married the only child and son of Horace and Maud Robinson & and explains how James and Emily’s family are forever connected to the local constabulary on Flinders from 1944  to 1947.

The Bailey and Robinson’s had seven children between them. These cousins grew up together and share a strong bond of friendship and a loved connection with this little piece of history.

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A correction note

A correction has been noted for Mary and Samuel’s Wedding & William and Johns births. All three events were registered in Launceston. The Robinson’s were living in Georgetown across the time frame of these events.

The notes stating Launceston have been corrected to Georgetown.

Thank you to my recently found, wiser/experienced family member for their gentle guidance.

Thanks LH for facilitating our contact in the first instance.