George and Billy Holt

Today the 26 October I thought I would do something a little different. Last year was done thinking it may be of interest to a few – just maybe. The past 6 months have been surreal as the descendants of our old families reconnect. The modern names, never before heard – older names somewhat vague, some with more information, others with photo’s – all waiting to be connected!! These connections… stunning – familiarities here and there, coincidence’s everywhere, pieces of the puzzle starting to make sense! So back to… George Holt and his first cousin Harold Holt both answered the call and joined the AIF and in doing so, take their place in our family history. Harold’s Grandson tells of another important family story that happened in WW2 WW2 William (Billy) Holt and his first cousin Patrick Holt answer the call in joining the army in WW2. They were in the same unit, unfortunately they were captured and became POW’s, toward the end of the war they were split up and Billy perished on the POW ship when destroyed in the South West Pacific. Both George and Billy were known as Holt’s at home on Flinders – that was their surname!! Billy was about 7 when George joined in 1916. What’s interesting is on joining they both had to use their birth names – George as Robinson and Billy as Garrett. How strange it must have been to have always been known as Holt and then on official work be called another… Bless you both!

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