Flinders Island Butter Factory: the early days…….

Dairy – a lucrative and productive  industry forgotten until I read this article about Mr F Holt and Tas Holt, and their dairy herds.


Uncle Fred Collis and G Uncle Henry Briant note in their diaries post 1920 references to the then early dairy industry – Flinders Island butter was exported to the UK. The Butter Factory Road sign is a few km’s from Whitemark and I vaguely remember going there as a 3 or 4-year-old with Dad, in Uncle Eric’s truck delivering the cream as Uncle Eric and Aunt Edna were away in Launceston.

The factory closed down due to the increased regulations governing the production of butter. The factory didn’t have the financial resource to upgrade as required – at least that’s my understanding. If anyone can elaborate ……… The loss of this industry would have had a devastating impact on the island’s employment. I suppose this caused some families to move away!

I have a clearer memory of Walkers dairy out near the airport as it operated for a longer time.

This is a great link to the modern Flinders 

This is a great link – has some really good clear old photos of Flinders and in particular of several people, for those looking for relatives then a must to check out just in case!! Also good history notes on the butter factory…….

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