Amazing new photos found

These photos were found in the another of Lizzie Parkinson’s family albums.

They have all come up a treat. The photo of the Dawn was picked up in a 2007 Examiner clipping and where to find this photo of the Dawn. This will be a treasure for the families of the Willett’s (James (commissioned the build), Holt’s (were the key family on board when she was lost) and Jacks (shipbuilder) & Cutt’s (owner when she was lost)

William Holt with son Claude another on to scan up incredibly well/

The Dawn in the Tamar River<br /> Photo in the weekly courier 1909 April 29 insert 4 just after she sank. Picture donated by Jacks ship yards, builder of the Dawn.

John Holt, brother to William and James

The back end of the Coogee and Pearl on Little Dog William Robinson Holt with son Claude...

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