A few faces now have names!

photo 1

Photo 1: Back row left to right we see Alf Briant, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Robinson, Clara Jane Briant with Tuck Robinson on the far right. The young men sitting in front possibly Holt/Robinsons and Gunter lads.

We know this was taken by Dan Bowman in 1916 and all are named as can be seen a few posts down.

photo 2

Dan Bowman took this group photo of the Holt/Robinson’s and others at a picnic in Lady Barron 1916. Dan possibly took the photo of the people standing in front of the hut.

Photo 2: John Holt front, to his right is Mrs Linda Gunter with Mr Thomas Gunter located directly behind. Dick, George and Horace behind John and in front is Ada Cumming with Louie Holt (white dress) the girl behind her without hat is Tot (Elizabeth Bowman) Dan’s sister, behind Tot is Charlie Holt, Walter Holt, and Dolly Holt (white dress and hat). Robert ‘Bob’ Smith in the middle, Tasman Holt along with Charlie Dyson out on the right. Tuck Holt holding the billy with Ronnie (4) on his lap, wife Lizzie with Eric (6). All those identified here as Holt’s are also Robinson’s!!

Linda Gunter and ‘Lizzie’ Elizabeth Robinson were sisters

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