One Hundred Years

One hundred years ago George took his last breath, a few hours before dawn. George was critically injured on the morning of the 26th and endured the pain of his injuries and the cold autumn day waiting to be rescued. Georges last journey was his retrieval from the blood bath on the front line (SOS line) to the relative safety of the 2nd Canadian Clearing Station, a world away from his beloved family. For 100 years George has lain (in what his first degree family would refer to as ‘somewhere in Belgium’)  in a grave shared with a stranger.

On enlistment George used his birth name of Robinson, however he was, at home in Tassie known only as George Holt. Holt being his paternal step grandfathers name.







In total 10,120 mortal remains are buried at Lijssenthoek cemetery. 1131 are AIF soldiers.

Tasmania has 51 Tasmanian graves scattered throughout the Cemetery located a few kilometres from the small town of Poperinge. The border of France is another few k’s down the road.

Of these Tasmanian soliders

19 are from the North of the state

The northern soldiers hailed from the following districts:

Barton, Jessup, Jones, Rundle and Ryan – Launceston

Allen – Legana

Geale – George Town.

Hamilton – Evandale.

Jessop and Loone – Scottsdale.

Solomon – Longford.

Cook – Conara.

Treloggen – Goshen


lastly our Robinson – Bass Strait.

Balstrup, Collins, Pam, Parsons, Ryan were all born in Launceston and on enlistment as living interstate.

18 were from the South.

14 from the NW Coast.




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