The Holt sister in-laws



The above photos are the wives of James, William and John Holt/Robinson – these amazing women had 37 children between them…..24 boys and 13 girls.

Emily 11, Ellen 13 and Maryanne 13 – I could be wrong, the one known for certain is Great Grandmother Emily, a correction most welcome.

Ellen had the first of the children in 1878 son William Edward and Archibald Baden the last in 1903.

Emily had twin sons (James and Henry) in 1882. Maryanne’s twins were daughter Lillian and son Elson in 1894.

Ellen and Emily raised their families in the Straits whilst Maryanne’s family all raised in Launceston.

Many thanks to Maryanne’s great-granddaughter for this beautiful photograph, and welcome to Maryanne!

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