The Diaries come home

Finding the microfilm  copies of  ‘Uncle Fred’s’ diaries in March last year a precious family history lesson, the task of copying, interesting, for a novice, 1905 not so good and under control by 1925.

Yet again: the right place, time and person, led to meeting Fred’s family and the joy of discovering more family history and photo’s. In return lovely to explain what I knew of the diaries.

The past 6 months, dedicated to the diaries, every week drawn to them working on a small project and unable to explain why until……………

Long story short: another series of random coincidences, guiding to find the diaries in early April. The custodians of the diaries (for the past 75 years) lovely gesture of returning the diary to the Collis family gratefully accepted.

A meeting, arranged so I could  collect the diaries and lovely to share what information we knew about both parties.

Once home the diaries sat on my kitchen table for a few days………. Symbolic as the table belonged to my Grandparents: Horace and Maud. At last my part in this family journey complete.

A wonderful moment handing the diaries over to ‘Uncle Fred’s’ family………after 75 years finally back with his beloved family.










IMG_5623 IMG_5643

Thank you to Fred’s family for filling in the Collis gaps – I am truly grateful and blessed to have had this experience

Lastly, thank-you to Rev. Brammall’s daughter in law for allowing the diaries be made public in the first instance.



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