‘Sunnyside’: Sawyers Bay

IMG_0034Figuring out where Henry and Hannah’s home was has been a mystery, everyone with a different idea. Discovering in a Collis descendant private collection this painting, sheds a little light on this subject.

The artist was O.M. Blyth and when the painting refurbished the newspaper backing dated 1913.

A little homework around OM Blyth – with advice from a Blyth descendant (a work colleague) discovered our artist was Olive ‘May’ Blyth. Goodness I vaguely remember her. Mum followed up with her daughter……she was ecstatic to see one of her mothers precious paintings. May painted this when she was around 19 based on 1913. May married Frank Jackson and they lived on Prime Seal Island. Fantastic for two families being able to trace different aspects of their family history from this painting.

‘Sunnyside’ and the photo of Henry and Hannah suggests the same home – comments, more than welcome – below several comparison photos.View from the Collis

IMG_0034Fred Collis home SBFHR_00116_1_wIMG_5537

Collis home

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