‘Uncle Fred Collis’ diary extracts: 1908

These are extracts from Alfred John Collis “Uncle Fred’ 1908 diaries.

Wednesday January 1 – I and Nell staying at Mr Smiths. I was going to the sports I felt to sick the Holding family came and had dinner.

Thursday January 2 – We left for home calling at H Walkers Double corner Mrs Maynard we got home about six very hot and tired. ……and H Armstrong took the mail.

Friday January 3 – The Coogee passed going to the Settlement I went up and got me pound of butter I did not pay Amy for it. J Holt and Tuck and Horace came down and staid all night.

Saturday The Sabbath January 4 – Em and Miss Gunter came down Henry and John came down they all left for the Settlement Dolly and Louy came down and stayed.

January 5 – Louy and Dolly left H Walker called going North we did not see the Coogee passed, clearing around the fence

January 6 – I put out the boat I went along the …….ground. I got a fire it did not burn much H Walker passed going home.

January 14 – Went to my snares caught nothing. Tom Davey came up to build a new chimney pulled the old one down made a good start Mr Huitfeld and Mr Alison came down.

January 15 I, Mr Huitfeld and Mr Alison attended a meeting of council at Mr Ferguson the meeting was postponed until the 26 February. A Vireaux bought a small bull.

January 16 Dave Maynard called Henry came down and bought some letters for W/mark Tom almost finished his job.

January 17 Tom Davey finished the job I finishes white washing went to check snares got nothing Tom helped me mark the little bull put a hole in his ear with a ….cutter I paid Tom one pound five cleaned out the water holes D Maynard called going home.

January 19 Delivered the mail the hottest day this summer F Boyes ……registered 100 and G Boyes registered 94 in the shade to hot for travelling

January 20 Got home early Henry got the Settlement on fire the greatest fire for years I am too frightened to go to bed fire all round I paid Mr Allison up he owes me three pence met F Maynard on the beach hear that Lewis Maynard was ill Mrs Maynard called going up to the West End to see her son

February 5 The Helen More passed going South and The Dawn passed going to The Settlement and then went South. I have been working clearing and cutting logs.

February 11 I walked down to the blue rocks looking for my stern sheet of my boat caught two kangaroo and one poss then working at the block clearing and doing up the fence saw a craft going out for town The Pearl…..

February 16 G Hammond came up and borrowed my sails he having got his burnt F Boyes called going home from Whitemark

February 17 I have been working making a new cow yard and putting up a bale to milk a cow in

February 18 Mr Archer called going South I caught two kangaroos and cleared up some rubbish shift some snares I found the ram dead that I got from Mr Narrap the Lester

February 19 Set the snares caught one Wallaby done some clearing went to the Settlement Emily Huitfeld came down in the morning

February 20 Saw several boats and crafts sailing about done some clearing in the afternoon I went and got the horse

February 21 The MacLaine Brothers came to the Settlement Nell and I went out to Huitfelds in the afternoon working about home in the morning The Helen Moore came in late Mr G Gardner came down in the evening

February 23 I delivered the mail all round and stayed at Mr Blyth

February 26 I Mr Allison and Mr Huitfeld attended a meeting of Councils to elect a Warden Mr Huitfeld being elected Warden the Linda called at Whitemark all the Councillors attended except the Maclaines paid H Walker and got a pair of underpants not paid for

March 4 East Wind I went to my snares caught one Wallaby met J Woods going down to Whitemark Tip came up and left his horse for the birding I and Henry and the boys were burning ferns at the piggery he got his sheep of the lower block and picked some out marked two sheep with red paint

March 10 Henry came down we split 32 poasts H Walker called in on his way to Blyths he brought the mail up what the Linda had left only three days mail

March 11 Splitting poasts all day wrote two letters one to Tip and one to G Hammond.

March 13 I Jack and Harry Green was splitting poasts and then we cut a road to the piggery Mrs Woods came down Nell was up at the Settlement Henry went up to help H Armstrong kill a bullock G Hammond and Charley Harley came up and brought my sails home and gave us a feed of mutton birds

March 22 I delivered the mail to the North End I returned home late having left Old Doll in Mr F Boyes paddock and carried home the saddle brought home the return mail

March 29 (Sunday) Went down to Whitemark and settled with Walker Amy Emily and Ella came down saw the Linda at Whitemark

April 6  A fine day I made some snares I went to the jetty and got two bags of chaff The boy got the drake I got some sheep in belonging to the Settlement I put Sowdie in a harness and he did not like it and had a couple of falls worked late

April 26 left for town about three called at H Walkers Nell got two yards of …….and a dozen boxes of matches for Amy and I paid for this I got an axe and  yds of Calico and a teething necklace

May 3 F Boyes called going home he brought us a bottle of magnesia from Mr H Walker I went to my snares and got one kangaroo took a bag of skins out and put them in the shed cut three pieces of oak for J Willett and went along the line

May 4 Blew a Gale I was working about home J Woods came down in the evening Our little Bub was very unwell getting his teeth I felt unwell myself

May 7 Put in some cabbage plants and some marigolds getting wood going all the morning then went working in the paddock against the shearing shed I went and had a look at the boat and saw Ada the calf  Tot and pansy

May 16 Saturday the Sabbath a mild day We had our Bible study went for a walk brought the cattle home Manny and Paby came up J wood went to Whitemark

May 25 Arthur Vireaux came up and left Gladys and Minnie while he went North G Hammond called and left my birds Nell and the girls went to the Settlement

May 26 A Vireaux and girls left for home

May 28 The Helen Moore came in I got one bag of sugar and one case of got a small parcel by post from W Jackson J Woods called down and got some papers

May 29 I and Pab were looking for cattle all afternoon

June 6  The Sabbath Done nothing Walter Holt came up late J Woods and Mr Shields came down to grind an axe

June 7 I took the sails of the boat and took some ballast out of her Walter Holt went to the Settlement

June 8 Walter left for home

June 11 Returned home calling at the mines Tanners Bay………got home to late to do anything got one bag of rolled oats one tin of treacle and one tin of coffee Mr Allison gave the baby some lollies

July 6 I set the snares along the line The Dawn and Linda arrived with the mail I got a case of kerosene and a bag of potatoes the Surveyor Mr Montgomery came out

July 12 I Nell and The Baby went down to Mr G Hammonds and spent the day Mrs Shields came down in the afternoon we returned home together about sundown

July 15 Mr Gardner called going south Henry was with him Mr Pabby left for home I milked the cow for the first time I went out and got Sowdie and left Doll J Woods went and got his pony I did not see old Tom F Boyes said he saw him yesterday

July 19 Old Billy Maynard called going North J Woods went to Whitemark called both ways The Linda passed going North I done some clearing in the paddock Started the cross fence after dinner been going all day saw one dead sheep in my paddock

July 20 I went to the snares got nothing then went working at the cross fence saw I what I took to be two steamers at Prime Seal had rain in the evening

July 22 South West Strong I finished putting up the pannels Arthur Vireaux came up and I paid him on account of E Betton Then went to the Settlement I and Jack went and got a bag of cuttlefish for J Willett we got home before dark The Steamer started out and came back to Prime Seal

July 29 I Nell and the baby started about midday to Mr G Smith got down about half past three

July 30 Left Nell and the baby started for home calling at Mr A VireauxWalkers Double Corner G Hammond and then home done some clearing for putting in Mellote

August 2 Walter and Bert came down I went to my snares got nothing I built a place to put a few skins in out of the ….

August 3 I attended a meeting about leasing Rookerys The Linda arrived at Whitemark The Commissioner of Police came out I went to Mr Smiths and staid the night

August 4 The Linda arrived at Settlement The Commissioner came up and got Mr Huitfeld started home and left Nell at Mrs Hammonds

August 5 I staid all night at Double Corner then attended a meeting at Whitemark of Councelors called and picked up Nell and got home late

August 13 I attended a meeting of councillors at Whitemark got one pair of childs boots pair of childs socks and one pound of candles from H Walker led Mr Huitfelds horse down J Woods came down

August 15 The Sabbath Calm done nothing saw a boat pass like the Pearl   The Pearl came to the Settlement

August 17 Returned home  calling at the mines Tanners Bay F Boyes saw Pecks at F Boyes saw the horses looking well took the mail to the Settlement moored the boat

August 18 Working about home in the morning went out and spent the afternoon at Mr Huitfelds Walter Holt came up

August 19 I and Walter went clearing the lane J Young called going North to look for wreckage from the Arion

August 20 J Blundstone called going North to collect rates and Dog taxes

August 23 J Blundstone called and I paid him the Dog licence and the Taxes Henry and Amy went down to Whitemark

August 24 Henry and Amy came home from Whitemark Walter and I splitting posts all day done a good days work

August 29 Sabbath Done nothing The Dawn came into Whitemark F Boyes Emily Huitfeld and Mrs Ferguson called in on her way home Bubs got a Doll and ball from her Aunt Fan

August 30 I Walter  Jack and Harry went to Rabbit Island sheared 18 sheep made a yard Arthur Vireaux, …..F Maynard will and Dave being up to look at a road and J Hinds we had a beautiful day

September 8 I Harold Walter Henry and Mr Huitfeld were cutting a road to G Hammonds Bert Vireaux Frank and Dave Maynard passed going North Horace Iles came up

September 12 Done nothing Walter left for home early Glass low

September 13 I delivered the mail all round and staid at She Oak Point Claud and Lewis Maynard overtook me on the road

September 14 I returned home Arthur J …..Claud Lewis Maynard G Messener all here when I returned home G Hammond staid all night we had a ….storm and a very good rain

September 18 We attended a meeting of  councillors  I Harry and young Harry Armstrong went down Dawn arrived and went to Tanners Bay all numbers attended except J Holt got a bottle of magnesia

September 27 Mr Huitfeld and Henry went along the road Posts marked off to call tenders for we went out and had some Gin Nell went out Emily came in for her with the horse

October 9 George Blyth came up and staid all night F Boyes called going home

October 16 I went out to Huitfelds  opened tenders for two roads H Armstrong got one to Killicrankie and G Hammond got the side forming close to the pickford

October 26 Returned home tried to get old Tom could not find him called at Huitfelds met Mr Archer Riddle and J Blundstone they having came up in the Olive Maud

November 5 We had a full meeting of Councillors settled everything quickly I owe Mr Walker for a pair of stockings and a pound of candles I Henry Mr Huitfeld and Archer came home together

November 9 I was cutting grass the Dawn arrived we went to the Settlement and got the mail I took the mail out to Huitfelds G Hammond Dick Davey and Tom Davy came up to start work 

November 12 Dick Davey and Tom and G Hammond working on the road

November 17  I brought the cow down and then cut the hay in the little paddock and in the top garden and fired round the top garden done a good days work J Woods and Shields came up and got the harness and sledge the horse rebelled and would not ….

November 20 The Dawn arrived with mail I got a Sythe blade a broom and a pair of boots by her took the mail out to Huitfelds cleared round the wood heap lost the day after the boat

December 4 The Dauntless bought a mail I took the mail to Mr Hultfelds  went round the fence put some staples in Mr Gardner and Henry got the cattle mixed  the Dawn arrived in the afternoon the Dawn had a sail on her own up they had a great chase after her I gave Alf a pound to get me a keg of wine and the key

December 6 The Dauntless arrived I went up and helped them ship nine head of cattle 

December 7 The Dauntless started early for big Dog

December 25 Manny came up early this morning I and Nell went out in the afternoon to Mr Huitfelds for a couple of hours got home before the Sabbath

December 28 We all went to Whitemark to attend the sports and staid at Mrs Smith

December 29 Staid at Whitemark and spent a pleasant  day all the rest went home I and Nell staid with Mrs T Smith

December 30  I returned home and then went to the Settlement Tuck and his wife came up also …….

December 31 Delivered the mail all round took old Tom up to the Settlement Tuck and Lizzie stopping their

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