‘Uncle Fred Collis’ diary extracts: 1909

January 1 I returned home after delivering the mail at Settlement. Then went down to Mr Smiths called into Mr G Hammond very warm

January 2 ‘The Sabbath’ – done nothing

January 3 I returned home from Mr Smiths calling at H Walkers and G Hammonds. Tuck and his wife here when we arrived.

January 5 It blew a gale I and Tuck helped J woods roll some logs off Tuck and his wife spent a few hours at J Woods I took a bundle of hay up to the Settlement and one sheep skin.

January 6 Tuck and wife left for home The Linda came I went up done nothing all Huitfelds family at Settlement a warm day

January 10 Fishing most of the day got one J Woods got a hook in his thumb Mrs Woods and children came down in the afternoon A Shields called.

January 16 The Sabbath done nothing the Dawn came in with mail

January 25 I was putting posts on the line. The Dawn came up for the wool.

January 26 Went over to Rabbit Isld in the Coogee We got a good bit of Guano I saw 18 sheep on Rabbit the Linda passed going North.

February 4 Attended a meeting got two yds of elastic one pair of slippers and a box of headache wafers

February 7 I Jack and J Woods went across to the Rabbit I sheared one sheep and took two over we had a beautiful day T Smith called

March 4 I attended a meeting of Councillors at Whitemark I got from H Walker two large tins of Jam one pound of biscuits four plugs of Tobacco and one bag of Rolled Oats.

March 9 I have been working on the line putting wire on C ………. and Arthur Vireaux came up in the cart

March 23 I was putting wires on my fence done a good days work The Dawn arrived with mail got a box from …….

March 30 I Henry and Jack went over to Little Island got some birds Harry Armstrong called then went on to the Settlement I took Arties tender and gave it to Henry

March 31 I went and made a gate across the road Henry and J Woods went to Whitemark each had a cart

April 15 Saw The Linda coming up Just heard poor old Mrs Robinson was dead. Nell went to the Settlement and got a postal note for eighteen pence she did not pay for it.

April 24 ‘Sabbath’ Done nothing Henry took Mr Huitfeld down in the cart to Whitemark him and his wife and Dora went to Mr F Smith yesterday and returned today. The Purdon left for Town.

April 26 I got my sheep in I went to my snares one small wallaby. Went up  to J Woods and got a case of tomatoes and got the loan of the preserving pan.

April 27 A very rough day Caught two kangaroos. Nell was making Tomato sauce. I did not get out to work.

April 28 I took Mrs Woods preserving pan home fixed up a …….. got some wood went to the snares we had a good rain in the afternoon I took a letter up for Harry Dillon walked down to Settlement.

April 29 I went to my snares got nothing then went up on the rented ground and got the sheep in working all afternoon putting chimney pots up

May 2 I sowed Melotte clearing about home J Woods called coming from Whitemark. Heard sad news The Dawn being wrecked I felt sorry for Alf Holt.

May 3 The Linda came up I went to the Settlement got my mail and a side of Bacon, sowing Melotte in the afternoon

May 4 Mr Gardner and Mr Smith came up The HJH came in I delivered the mail all round and staid at She Oak Point. Mr Gardner came up

May 5 The HJH left early I got home too late to catch the boat I left old Doll at T Boyes Harry Armstrong came and brought skins ……

May 6 very fine glass falling, I have been working about home. I bagged up some skins. Henry called on his way home and took the mail from the North East ……to some gentlemen over North looking for ground. Mr Huitfeld came out in the HJH I sent three letters one ref to Green one to the Savings Bank and one to Mrs Willett.

May 20 Attended a meeting at Whitemark got four pounds of dripping and on pound of Lolies J Woods came down and got some fish.

June 16 I Nell and Bubs went to the Settlement and got a roll of wire.

June 27 Delivered the mail all round heard a man had been drowned at Killiecrankie Charlie Washbourne had a close shave of loosing his life.

June 28 Dolls home I brought Old Doll saw Charlie Washbourne at the mines called at F Boyes W Allison came down brought Henry some meat saw a craft supposed to be the HJH.

June 30 South East dirty Got the sheep in and cleaned them Manny and two gentleman came up and had lunch I went to the Settlement and paid Henry 9 shillings for H Armstrong

July 1 I went out on the Marshall with Manny and two Gentleman to look at some ground

July 14 I milked the cow for the first time 

July 15  I had a good bit of trouble with the cow

July 26 Went to the Settlement posted a letter to W Petter and one to Mrs J Willett

July 31 The Sabbath done nothing Mr Smith called going home Dick Brown brought the new horse home it being landed at Whitemark 

July 2 Sam Barratt called on his way home Mr Pratt called on his way North Claud with him

August 4 F Boyes called Mr Pratt and Claud called their way to Whitemark I made a Yanker gate a very rough day

August 9 Working about home The Linda arrived and I went and got the mail G Dargaville and Mrs Mills

August 14 The Sabbath Stuart Mathews came up  

August 15 I and Stuart Mathews put the horse in the sledge Mathews left for J Maynard

August 26 Took the mail and then staid at h Armstrongs the horse would not cross the river  the Purdon on shore

August 27 Left H Armstrong before daylight and walked to She Oak Point delivered mail and came to Killicrankie picked up my horse got home early calling at the mines and the Settlement Stuart Mathews came up 

August 28 The Sabbath done nothing S Mathews here 

August 29  Stuart Mathews left going North went to the Jetty and got a load of goods

September 1 I Nell and the baby went up to …….S Mathews came back from West End I took my contract up to the Settlement 

September 5 Working about home Walter and Tasman Holt J Woods Mr Welsh and family

September 6 Went to Rabbit Island sheared 16 sheep 

September 7  got the sheep in marked 30 lambs 33 had the horse in and done some ploughing  Walter gave Nell seven pounds we took we took a bag of skins and two sheep skins and one small cow hide to the shed the cow hide belongs to Mr A Vireaux

September  8 I had a day about home Walter and Tasman left for home they took sowdie with them

September The Sabbath done nothing The Adelaide called Edgar Maynard came up and got some bread Pabby came up and staid all night Charlie Washbourne passed going to Whitemark

September 12 I delivered the mail all round Pabby went over with me paid Mr Blyth one pound three for Mr Dargavalle Left Maynards mail in the box

September 13 I and Pabby got home early Pabby left for home 

October 4 Koonawarra came in brought mail and a number of passengers Harry Armstrong came down late

October 5 I felt unwell did not do much Harry Armstrong left early for the Settlement 

October 6 Andrew Maynard called in on his way North

October 8 going all day Doll had her foal 

This is the end of diary notes – there are orders and notes about bank books.

Points of family interest

Tuck and Lizzy were married 30/11/1908

Doll and Rowdie were the Collis horses

The ketch Dawn was a part of the Collis history – built by Fred’s brother in law James Willett (married to Fred’s sister Fanny) . James traded out of Emita before he and family moved to Launceston. The Dawn was sold to Mr Cutts. Coincidentally when the Dawn was wrecked, Captain Alf Holt, the nephew of Fred’s brother in law…….. James Robinson (Holt) married to Fred’s sister Emily.

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