Tuck and King Robinson (Holt)

Emily and James Robinson welcomed their second and third children James (Tuck) and Henry (King) August 1884, their eldest sibling Edie, turned 2 four weeks before the twins birth. Emily had her hands full with two babies and two-year old Edie and her special needs (Premmie) When I located the twins birth and Kings death records, I checked with several relatives if they were aware of the history about the twins being identical…….. no one knew. On my recent trip to Flinders, was talking to Mum about this and she suggested I call my cousin as she thought he may have an idea……….. ecstatic when he said he had photo’s, so off I went to check them out. Perfect photo’s, crystal clear images of the twins and named….wow!!! This was meant to be! A plan was hatched to meet up again a few days later, to photograph. The photo’s turned out OK with our little Canon.

FHR_00157_1_w   The precious IMG_5574IMG_5576pictures of King and Tuck.

I have cropped, to see what others think – I’m still not sure if they are identical.  My cousin Gwen couldn’t believe I managed to get a hold of photo’s (compliments of cousin John). Her first question ‘are they identical’ she didn’t expect my response: well………… ‘yes and no’. We met up a few days later and we are still none the wiser, looking, cropping, magnifying etc. Here are the cropped shots – I would love to hear what others think……….my instinct is they are fraternal.



Gwen kindly let me scan images from her family album as I had wanted a picture of Uncle Tuck. I could hardly believe my eyes when she showed me her pictures – just how I remember our beloved Uncle. I have several very strong recollections of Uncle Tuck mostly………. heading straight inside to find him in his chair by the stove, and we would all be on for a chat, we all loved Uncle Tuck! I was 6 when he passed away and I remember how sad it was, it’s my earliest memory learning about death, it took a while to get used to not seeing him in his ‘spot’. Whenever I mention his name, everyone smiles and reminisces about how funny, kind, generous, happy-go-lucky he was – one of natures gentlemen.

The nick names –

IMG_0036Tuck; loved the rhyme Little Tommy Tucker: ‘Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper. What shall we give him? Brown bread and butter. How shall he cut it without a knife? How shall he marry without a wife? Little Tommy Tucker.’

King; loved the nursery rhyme Old King Cole: ‘Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe in the middle of the night and he called for his fiddlers three. Every fiddler has a fine fiddle, and a very fine fiddle had he; Oh theres non so rare as can compare with Kind Cole and his fiddlers three.’

Uncle Tuck aboard his boat the Tassie‘.

IMG_5424Sadly King died Oct 1896 aged 12, he is buried at the old family homestead.IMG_5420

Tucks Grandson’s recollections

30/11/1908 James (Tuck) marries Elizabeth Armitage at St Aidans Launceston.

July 1917 (a few months before George died) James Robinson writes this letter to the Editor of the Examiner – the son he mentions was ‘Tuck’ (33 and married for about 10 years)  – Dad recalls Tuck often talking about this experience over the years, a horrific ordeal, the mast of the ship (HJH) crashed through to the lower deck killing livestock, the boat perilously close to meeting a terrible fate. James words in the letter clearly expresses gratitude his son was safe and well. For his family looking back in time…… a Father’s and Grandfather’s love.

IMG_0035 IMG_0036


2 thoughts on “Tuck and King Robinson (Holt)

  1. Yes Great Uncle Tuck and King Cole were identical twins in the Robinson side identical twins run every second generation I am the second generation My identical twin Janette Nixon (Robinson) and myself Denise Robinson who are Kevin Robinson’s daughters and Cecil Robinson was my grandfather who married Florence Dart Kevin’s parents my farther. I am now waiting for the identical twins to happen between my nieces (three) I never had children. So now you have your answer yes identical and it runs every second generation.

    • Hi Denise,
      I’m still not sure they are identical. The photo from great great grandmothers Hannah’s (recently discovered on Emily’s side) family album, aged around 4 months, shows they do have different features, matching to the older ones.
      Do you remember Uncle Tuck? I remember everyone loved him to bits, he was funny and kind.
      Deb x

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