Flinders Island……..transport

Today while looking at some other old photo’s I found a 1921 copy of ‘The Weekly Courier’ put aside with the photo’s……. Page 22 and 23, picture inserts dedicated to Flinders Island –  really good pictures depicting this era to check out – go to this Linc website, set year 1921, then November 17 insert 3, enlarge the picture – note No. 12…… cattle being slung on the trading ship at the old Emita jetty.

I also found this picture of cattle being transported to Flinders in a rather unusual way…… discussed this afternoon with Dad and Jacko. Dad said sheep were commonly transported this way, fair enough! Jacko remembers Murray telling him the stock were sedated. I couldn’t really see sheep causing that much of a disturbance, but cattle with those horns!! What could possibly go wrong ………….. IMG_5657 IMG_0001

The Linda – wrecked near Little Dog Island April 1924

The Fursund a 1912 casualty; same year as the Titanic.

The Miss Flinders serviced the islands in the early days.

Henry Briant at work, photo by Murray Holloway. The Loina disappeared of Flinders in the 1935.

Picture of the City of Foo Chow wrecked of the East Coast.

Flinders Island regatta at Yellow Beach Picture number 1 and No 2 and 3.

Link to Book written by Matthew Flinders 1801

Early Tourism brochure

H.J Holloway transport

Loina owned and operated by Holymans

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