Robinson and Holt get together

Where: Launceston, overlooking the area where the Holt boys grew up.



When: Saturday, October 1

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Invitation: to descendants of James Robinson/Holt, William Holt/Robinson and John Holt.

Food: please bring along a plate to share for afternoon tea. Tea, coffee and milk supplied.

RSVP: by September 20 would be appreciated. Email:

An informal gathering of the clan to meet, greet and catch up, share stories, bring along photo’s, a great way to connect or reconnect.

Information to locate landmarks around Launceston where Mary/Elizabeth Dwyer/Robinson/Holt/Prest aka Youl’s shops were located. Of course our Great Great Grandmother was an interesting woman of her day!!


Snapshot of confirmations to date. Not including partners.

A fabulous professional photographer will be on hand to document the afternoon.

A guest book to collect names and stories.

Identification colours for descendants on arrival to identify direct links.

Background music from old island identities taped by Walter Briant shows off the brilliant musicianship and friendships existing in the older Island community, stop and hear the many old voices and instruments doing they’re thing, the old song ‘I was born on old Cape Barren’ is, I think, a magnificent moment in time  …. Listen to Dulcie Parkinson, daughter of Elizabeth Holt describing being almost shipwrecked aboard the Opha around 1924….

Peter, Joy R, Deb R, Meagan & Chris DeB, Greg H (James and Emily) Horace

Kevin, Lois and Lee R (James and Emily) Cecil ‘Dick’

Gaye Doolan, Sue B, Julie W, Terry H, Peter H, Christine R, Christine V, May K  (William and Ellen Robinson/Holt) Tasman

Neil and David C  & Lisa (James and Emily) Walter Robinson/Holt

Jan H, Albert & Faye P, Suzie SC + family, Caroline W, Carol H, Johnny & L P (John and Maryanne Holt) Elizabeth

Maureen C, Lorraine S (William and Ellen) Harold John

Colin R (William and Ellen Robinson/Holt) William jnr

Graham R, Geraldine R + family Bruce R, Val F, Pat T, Dianne R, Luke R Michael R ? Tony R, Anna G, (William and Ellen) Fred

Brian R, Jean T, Glen R (James and Emily) Tuck

Audrey H (James and Emily) Dolly

Robert & Caroline P, Ron & Danny Sh, Polly B, (William and Ellen) Clara Jane

Alfred S (Alma), Charlie F (Gloria), Marlene S, Penny S, Helen G (William and Ellen) Jessie

Krishna M, Shirl E (William and Ellen) Viola

Kaye B, Brian B, Mark B(John and Maryanne) Elsie

(John and Maryanne) Arthur Lee

Warren & Gillian H (John and Maryanne) Roy

Carleen E and Sandra (William and Ellen) Charlie

(William and Ellen) Claud

(John and Maryanne) Henry Ernest

(John and Maryanne) Maud

(John and Maryanne) May

(John and Maryanne) Ruby


(John and Maryanne) Lillian


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