November 2015: more family history uncovered

At last time on the island to look through more history. This time through the albums of great grandmother Adeline’s elder daughters Ettie and Lily Briant’s photos. The big surprise is also finding great grandmothers youngest sister Maudie’s photo album.

There are dozens of photos to sift through, some named, many not – I’m surprised to name a few myself as a consequence of studying our extended family history over the past few years…..

I will add the relevant photos to each persons page so click the bold and this will take you through to the photo, starting off with this stunning photo of  Clara Jane Briant nee Robinson/Holt, whom my Robinson/Briant family relate to not once but twice. The picture being quite tiny, I thought may be great grandmother Adeline, stoked to find it was another of Clara Jane a stunning young women and lovely person as well.

I have found several others of Adeline as a young mum as well so not at all disappointed, as you can see below on this page.

We are proud to share what we discover and only ask when ‘on’ publishing to reference the source as samphiredeb.

If anyone has further information, stories or corrections please jump onto comments to share.

Adeline, Ettie, Harry and Henry Briant of Samphire River 001

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